Chapter 1. - The Asylum.

I laid listening to the quiet sounds of the sleeping ward. Those 8 words kept playing in my head, 'It will be as if I never existed.'

I had been having strange dreams like this ever since I had awoken from my coma. It was like I was trying to remember, but the things I have seen are almost impossible. Things like this are the reason I am in here. The only thing I am positive of is how I ended in the coma. It was September 30th and I was in the forest, crying. I couldn't find my way home, I had lost somebody. When I stumbled out onto the road, a boy called my name but it was too late. I winced at the memory of the pain.

Slowly opened my eyes and looked around my bare room, there was black lines down the corners and around the trimming. The walls always remained white.

I looked at the time even tho I knew what it was, 3am the same every night. I grabbed the empty glass off the wooden bedside table and quietly slipped out my room and down the dark hallway of the asylum, to the kitchen on my floor of the phsyc ward. 

I decided to make a sandwhich while getting my glass of water. I often get hungry and thirsty after these dreams. I was cutting the tomato, distracted by my thoughts I accidently sliced my wrist. Flash-backs started playing in my head, I fell to the floor at this impossible memory.

I was in a beautiful lounge room meeting Dimetri's family. It was Margo his 'Father' so to speak, birthday. His brother Angelo showed me around, he led me to a room and told me to wait. He said he would be right back, a pale man came out from the shadows, he pinned me against the wall. He slit my wrist and took my blood, it happened so fast. This is why Dimetri left, I made him weak while I was around.

No. I couldn't think like that. It is why I am here. There was no Dimetri. No Angelo or Anna. No Margo or Emilia. . They had to be my imagination. No one had ever seen or heard them. Those 8 words played in my head. 'It will be as if I never existed.'

I tried to forgot but I knew I wouldn't be able. My thoughts interrupted by a screaming nurse. I looked at my bloody hand holding my bleeding wrist, as the nurse stared in horror.

The End

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