Missing Pieces (pt.2)Mature

I flop onto the naked queen sized bed and sigh.
A new house. A new bed. A new life.
And nobody to share all of it with except for my father. Hurray. 
Don't get me wrong, I love my dad. He's amazing. 
It would just be nice to have a friend or something to share this with. 
Someone to help me unpack. Hah.
I look around my room at all of the boxes, and by all, I mean all 3. All 3 boxes.
My father and I have always lived in motel rooms or apartments. We moved all the time before we ended up here in Kelowna. We're used to not holding on to much.

It's not ugly here. It's actually very nice. It's going to take some getting used to though.
I lift myself off of the bed and put my hands on my hips.
This is my "get stuff done" pose. It's time to tackle the boxes. 
It takes me all of 20 minutes to organize all of my stuff.
I've earned myself some lunch.
I walk out of my bedroom and skip down the stairs of out new two story house. It's the first time I've ever gotten to live in an actual house. It's amazing. I can't believe how people take this for granted. It's magical.
By the time I get to the kitchen, my dad is already there preparing grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. He looks up at me from where he stand in front of the stove and smiles.
"Hey princess, I hope you're hungry."
I nod and smile. I'm starved. The drive here from Manitoba was exhausting. I don't care what anyone says. You cannot get a good nights sleep in the passenger seat of a pickup truck. It is simply not possible. 

After lunch I head back up to my room and make my bed. Grams was kind enough to give us some of her old sheets before we left. She said that they were her favourite ones and she was sad that her and Gramps had gotten a larger bed, because it meant that they couldn't use the sheets anymore. I make my bed to perfection and climb in. I snuggle into the middle, my head between the pillows and the blankets up to my nose. I close my eyes and think of Grams and Gramps, of my dad. I take a deep breath in, breathing in the calming smell of Gram and Gramps house, still in the sheets. I try to imagine what great things might come out of moving here to Kelowna. I imagine what my life might be like if the emptiness in my stomach goes away, and immediatly push away the thought. It  brings out the feeling even more. The emptiness. I'm still trying to ignore the feeling when I finally doze off.

The End

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