Missing Pieces

This is based on the argument Edward and Bella have in New Moon after her birthday.

I am standing in a forest, there is a beautiful strange boy standing with me. He is breaking me, he is leaving.

"I can't have you around, I will always love you but I can't keep doing this! Pretending to be something i'm not. I'm not human Kailee. You will forget me in time." I felt like a bomb had been dropped, it's destination my heart. These words didn't seem right, they didn't make sense coming from him. My him,

"You won't forget and I won't either. You know how much I want this. I need you and you need me." I argued with him, I wasn't going to let this go. Not after all we had been through.

"I love you Dimetri. Don't you understand? You are my world, my air. I can't cope knowing you are out there. I will remember as much as it hurts me."

"No Kailee!" He growled,

"You won't remember, it will be as if I never existed. It's better that way." and with that he left me in a million pieces.

Then I snapped awake.

The End

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