Her name was Sophie, not that it mattered to her captor.

I was walking home from school the day I was taken. I was just 15 years old when I was snatched out of thin air. I wonder if anyone is looking for me, if anyone misses me. It’s been two months since I have been gone and nothing. I don’t know why he kept me alive. he said himself I’m no use to him but he isn’t going to give up that easy. The nights are the worst, he comes home drunk and violent, taking my body to do as he pleases. Well tries to, you see he says that I’m no use to him as it is difficult for him to abuse my body. I sit, chained to the freezing radiator, my bruised and battered body turning blue when he decides to try again. The stench of whisky burns my nose with every staggered breath that escapes his mouth as he pulls me onto his naked self. With enough force he manages to break my heiman and my sanity, with a brief grunt he ejaculates and watches himself ooze out of me giving him immense pleasure. That’s it, he leaves me alone for the rest of the night to cry tears of pain, sadness and shame.

I wake up feeling dirtier than I physically am. I am ashamed of what I have done, why? It’s not my fault. I miss my family. My hair has gone from a blonde mane to a dirty mess, my once blue eyes are now dark, hollow and dead, my once full lips are chapped and crusty. I am a shadow of who I once was. 

I become numb to the pain, I will not let him win. I stare into his eyes, memorising every detail on his face for when I escape, that's when I notice it. His eyes, they aren't like any eyes I've seen before. They are empty, hollow, I swear I saw the devil in them. He knew I was fighting back. He didn't like that I wasn't scared anymore. It made him angry, more violent. 

By the time the police found me it was too late, my "owner" had left, and me? Well they say my body was so mutilated they had to identify me by dental records, there were pieces of me in every room of that house...

The End

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