Bringin' it Back

     Take a deep breath. Straighten your jacket. You can do this!

     I walk into the FBI Headquaters in Washington D.C., acting calm, supercool, and disconnected. I act as if I notice no one, while on the contrary noticing everyone, everything. I enter an elevator that pings open. Luckily, no one else is in it. The elevator doors shut smoothly.

     Maybe today will be a good day.

     I then cringe as a ghastly image fills my mind. Don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about-

     This isn't working!

     I hit my floor number.  A few seconds later...   


     As soon as the doors open, I quickly turn right and head to my cubicle.

     I sit down.

     "You're back!" Smith says, jumping out of his seat, a smile spreading across his face, his blonde hair gleaming.

      The smile disappears.

    "Not that I missed you or anything." He defends, as if his actions were a moment of weakness.

     I grin.

     "Really? I would've never guessed." I joke, knowing full well he did miss me. Which was nice.

    "Maria!" Casper's face lights up as he exits the elevator. He heads over to me, and gives me a quick hug.

     "Nice to have you back, kid." He pats my shoulder twice as he walks towards his cubicle adjacent to mine.

     "Kid! You're only ten years older than me!" I comment.

     "Ah, age is different when you get older. It's like you get switched over to dog years. Every human year is six or seven in the old people world."

     "Very true." Smith nods, as if what Casper said was of biblical importance.

     "And you're only five years older than me!" I chatise.

     Then walks in Sulley from the elevator. He looks at me and winks.

     I blush.

     It's good to be back.



The End

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