Just another day at the office... or not.

     "Five homicide cases were just sent over. Does our job ever end?" Casper complains. I look over at him tiredly.

     "You know our job never ends. We have to protect the D.C. area, and catching those killers is doing our job. Our job is one of the most important. We protect the people in the U.S., we help our citizens--" Casper was no longer paying attention- he was rolling his eyes.

     "Hey. If you don't want a lecture, then don't complain." I defend.

     Sulley aka that annoying  interrupter comes over to my cubicle.

     He gets down on one knee so that his eyes are level with mine.

     "You okay, Maria? You look tired." I avoid his eyes.

     "Of course I'm okay." I lie. I'm good at lieing- it seems like my whole life is one.

     "If you need to talk-" He starts.

     "I know, I know."

     Sulley gets up, and then smiles that impish, boyish grin. (You know the kind that makes girls' hearts melt.) (Hey, don't get the wrong idea- I'm not a girl, I'm a woman. )

    I take a second glance at Sulley's still smiling face. (Okay, maybe I'm still a girl.) (But only a little.)

     "I just want you to know that I'm here for you." I look up at him for once thinking he might actually be a better guy than I thought he was.

      "And if you'd like to give me a kiss for my chivalrous ways, I wouldn't mind." Sulley says with a twinkle in his eye.

     Okay, moment over.

     I stand up so that I'm right in front of him. Sulley's smiles fades, replaced by shock, then eagerness. I lean in slowly, and Sulley closes his eyes.

     I peck him quickly on the cheek, then sit back down. Sulley's eyes flit open, stunned.

     I grin.

     "Did you really think that I was going to kiss you?"

     Sulley looks solemn for a moment, his face showing an emotion I can't interpret.

     He then flashes those pearly whites and says,

     "Honey, you may have not kissed me, but you know you wanna." He winks, walking over to his desk. I blush.

     "Awkward." Casper comments, looking back at his computer screen. He ruffles up his black hair.

     I smile, shaking off any lingering feelings. Feelings do you no good- a lifetime of misery had taught me that.

     I get up and head towards the white board, picking up the first file on my desk and start a timeline.

     RING! RING!

     Putting the marker down, I irritably pick up the phone. I hate when people break my groove.

     "Hello?" I grumble.

     "Hi- is this Special Agent Maria Bianchi?" An unfamiliar voice asks.


      "Hi. This is Sarah Jennings. I'm an ME- I work for the Annapolis PD. I'm calling because I need you down here to indentify two bodies."

      My throat convulses.

      "Whose bodies?" I ask, scared of the answer. Scared of how it could possibly change my life.

      "Your parents'."


The End

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