A Blast from the Past

     "I hate you!!!" I scream, stomping up the stairs.

     "Honey..." Mom calls, following me into my room.

     "I know you're upset that we're moving, but it's for the best. Trust me." She puts her hand on my shoulder, trying to comfort me, her face pained. 

      I shake her hand off.

     "For the best!?! What a joke. Spain. SPAIN! Of all the places! I'm just starting my freshman year of high school! I have friends! How dare you! I hate you!"


     "Get out of my room!" I  yell, tears pouring down my face.

     Mom walks out, her face lined with concern and love.

     She turns back.

    "I know you don't approve, but dad and I are going to rent a moving van. We'll be back in a few. I love you." She quietly shuts the door.


     I pace back and forth. ---- Where are they?!?

     Mom said just a few minutes- and it's 2:00 am! So I did what any semi-sane teenager would do. I pick up the home phone, and dial 911.

     "I'd like to report two missing people."


     Knock, Knock, Knock.

     I look out the tiny peephole and open the door, letting two police officers in.

     "You need to tell us everything you know." One policeman states, helping himself to a seat.

     I tell him everything I know, which is basically nothing. My parents went to rent a moving van, and didn't come back. A world of information.

     "So do you know why you were going to move?" The other policeman asks logically. I pause, astounded.

     "I don't know." I didn't even ask- but shouldn't I have? Isn't that the first question you ask when someone says they're moving? But no. I threw a hissy fit, and now I couldn't even tell the authorities a piece of information that could have been valuable.

      I suck.  


    "Well, we'll let you know what we find out." One of the policemen says, starting to get up. He pauses.  

     "Are you sure your parents didn't just take off? I know that's a hard question for you to answer, but we have to analyze every angle."

     I look sort of dazedly at him.

     "I know that my family isn't perfect, but I know my parents. They would never leave me to fend for myself. They're gone, and I know they didn't "take off" by their own free will. Please find them." My voice cracks a little.

     The door opens, and we all look up. My pulse quickens- it's them! They've come back!

     My Grandma walks in, my hopes sinking into a deep oblivion.

     "We called your only living family member to take care of you." Policeman #2 expains.

     "Of course," I say in a dead voice, "that's only logical."



     I walk home, the breeze ruffling my hair. Today was a pretty good day- I kept myself occupied. But now that I was alone, the silence would sink in, and my thoughts would inevitably end up where I didn't want them to go- reminding me of a very unpleasant anniversary. 

     I go up my front porch steps and turn the lock slowly with my key.

     I close the door behind me, and sink to the ground, tears rapidly progressing their trail down my face.

     I have to face the facts: 

     It's been ten years since my parents went missing; there hasn't been one lead, and my parents have already been officially pronouced dead.



     A lie.

     My life is like my parents' cold case.




The End

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