Taking 'em Downtown, Love & Hate

Chapter 1

      We all take our guns out and put them in front of us, ready to shoot if need be.

     "Go to the back." Captain gestures towards Sulley, Casper, and me, while Smith stays with Captain. We stealthily go around the house, and cover the back door.

      "FBI! OPEN UP!" I barely hear Captain shout from the front.     

      A few seconds later the back door slams open, and a surpised scumbag realizes he's surrounded.

     "You're under arrest." Sulley says, cuffing him. We take the guy to the front of the house, while Casper recites the Miranda Rights. We put him in the cruiser.

     I smile to myself.

     I love my job.


     "And he shoots! And he--"

     "Misses." I chuckle as Smith's paperwad hits the floor.

     "And you claim you're a good shot. Guess those glory days are ALL behind you." I tease. Smith narrowes his eyes and sits at his desk, his ego shot down a peg.

     "So anyway, Captain called- the guy confessed, and is currently being held without bail before-" Sulley prances out of the elevator and into our cubicles.

     "Great job, team! Ooh yeah! That was awesome! Did you see the look on that guy's face when we put him into the cruiser? Busted!" Sulley laughs heartily.

     I roll my eyes, irritated that he interrupted me. 

     Inhale. Exhale. Inhale-

     "So like I was saying-"

     "And then he's playing dumb, so Cap' and I stare him down. And- ooh yeah! Full confession! Bada Bing!" Sulley grabs the paper Smith was crumpling up and tosses it towards the trashcan.

     He shoots, and he scores, that idiotic interrupter.

     I hate my job.   




The End

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