This is a story about a young woman who has always been haunted by her parents' unsolved abduction case. She's always been searching... but she may come to find that the searcher will become the searched.


     He pointed the gun steadily towards my racing heart, and I knew it was all over.


     "You murdered my parents." It wasn't a question- I just knew.

     "Yes." He chuckled darkly. "They were like you- nosy. And in the end you all got the same fate." He cocked the gun back, grinning madly.

     "But why?" I swallowed, trying to keep calm. All my life I had always wondered the same question, and now it seemed almost cruel that I was finally going to get the answer.

     "I guess you'll be with your parents soon enough, so ask them." He taunted.

      I then heard an echoing  shot, and everything went black. 

The End

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