YES WAY!Mature

Jamie and I got out of the car and ran into my house gossiping about how fit Dan was getting. He stayed in the car blasting the new Devildriver album through his I-pod. It gave me a good time to ask Jamie if guys just get random boners.

I decided to tell Jamie about the incident from dance while i was throwing on my bikini. I thought her mouth may have been stuck open. To be honest it kinda looked like one of the pigs in a grand feast. You know the ones, where they have whole apples shoved in their mouth to keep it open.

"He soooo likes you Ez!"

"No. He soooo doesn't!"

"Cummon the guy got a boner over you!"

"No. He just got it over the dancing right ? Guys do just get random boners dont they ? I mean he would probably have done that i it was Kathy and he thinks shes the super skank."

"No way. Im looking for the signs girl! Maybe he will finally realise he likes you! Its about time"

"Nuh huh"

"Uh huh!"

I threw clothes on top of my bikini. "Right you ready?"

Jamie picked up her bag. "I'm ready" 

We ran back into the car and Jamies mum turned back down the drive. 

"Bit tight isnt it Elizabeth?" Jamie's mum asked in her usual upety dismissive tone. Guesturing her head towards my bikini straps poking up from my Family Force 5 t-shirt.

"It's the only one I have I'm afraid" I polietly replied back through my teeth. I HATE it when people call me Elizabeth. Dont get me wrong i like the name it just really doesnt suit me.


The End

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