Phwaaaar !Mature

"Yes, Yes, Yes !" William and Jen got evicted from Beauty and the Geek. Me and Dan were celebrating so much it was a wonder I remembered to tell him we were going to the pool party later.

I hated Jen she was such a bitch. I liked most of the girls on the show but I had no idea how Jen had gotten this far in the game. Besides Jen reminded me of Kathy from our year.

Theres always that one girl is'nt there, in every class, in every school. She would be a the party tonight surrounded by a hoard of desperate boys, showing off her new bikini and laughing at a ridiculosly high pitch. I will of course loose it and hit her one day but she would make such a drama over it. We had been quite good freinds once but then she changed into the worlds biggest slut and I met Jamie and Dan.

A knock starteled both of us half way through a converstaion about who we hoped would win the overall show. I got up to let Jamie in.

"Hey Jay!" I said opening the door. It wasnt Jamie. After about five seconds awkward pause

"I have your cat" The old lady thrust a Huge black cat into my arms.

"Oh, Thank you. I hope he didnt cause you and problems."

The old lady just glared at me, turned and walked back down the path. Normally i get on ok with old people.

I looked at the giant moggy who just looked up cutely into my eyes and miowed.

Dan poped his head round the corner "Jay?"

"Nope, old lady with Shadowfax" The fat cat climbed out of my arms and trotted away like nothing had happened.

Another knock came. Maybe it would be the old lady with Sasha this  time. I opened the door. This time it was Jamie.  I stoped and laughed. Her face was so sour she looked like a cat caught in a monsoon.

She stormed in and threw her coat on the floor, revealing our hidious morron school uniform.

"Yes they made me wear it for the flute" She complained. She sqirmed out of the huge pullover and wiped her feet on it. "Oppsy daisy" She said continuing to wipe her feet. "HEY DAN!" She called through to the lounge.

"Hey Jay". He walked through into the hall with another can of Kick.

"Just going to get changed before we get there." She made her way up the stairs and straight into dans room with her bag.

"God I better get changed too. You getting changed at your place when we pick up your bikini?"

"Yeh well unless you have a spare bikini" I laughed.

"Ok, Ok good point. Come on we'll go to my parents room as 'her royal highness' has taken mine." He gestured towards his room. I followed him upstairs as Jamie had already locked Dans door. "Lets hope she aproves of my chocie of reading materials." He sniggered. 

"But Jamie likes Kerrang, she..." It took me a couple of seconds to work out that he meant a different kind of magazine. I laughed too.

When we were in his parents room I sat on the bed whilst he grabbed his swiming shorts from the laundry room and went into their en-suit. As soon as he left the main bedroom I got up and started snooping through the various picture frames on the windowsill. I started to giggle looking at the photos of Dan growing up. There was a picture of his seventh birthday party. I was in it wearing a pink dress (Major cringe). He still had short brown hair in that photo and he was kind if chubby.

I was still holding it when he came back into the room. I giggled again not looking away from the photo and said "Awww piccy of ickle chubby Danny" He snatched the picture off me.

"Real funny Ez" He grumbled putting the picture back into place. I looked acros at him. My eyes widened and I think my Jaw dropped a little.

Stood in front of me was definatly not 'ickle chubby Danny' He was standing there in Just his swim shorts. Ridiculosly hot body and cute smile. I tore my eyes away before they dared stroll a little further down than his six pack.

"Ez . You ok?"

"Yeh im fine. Totally fine, I was just , uhhh, looking out off the window." Jeesh I sounded like a mong. I tried to focus on his eyes. His sparkling clear yet deep looking blue eyes. Since when did Dan become so hot. I knew he was stong you could see he had nicely built arms, but i had no idea about the six pack.

I realise how shallow girls are. We do asume the body builders are the ones with six packs. We never think twice about a thin guy having a pure SEX body. We went into Dans room where Jamie had changed into her bikini and put some decent clothes over it.

Took your time she said leaning against his wall. She refused to sit down in here because she says she just doesnt wanna know what she could be sitting on in a guys room. Especially not Dans.

I walked over to her while dan went to pick a shirt from his cuboard.

"Oh my god. Girl have you seen that six pack." I asked her


"On Dan idiot."

"Hey Dan?" She called him. I cringed expecting her to say something like 'Ez thinks youve got a sexy body, lets see it'.  

"Yeh?" He turned his head.

"Just face me for a sec." He turned to face us. "Oh. It's ok. Just thought I saw something on the front of your shorts. Never mind" I was suprised obviously those acting lessons she had had forced upon her were paying off she sounded totally convincing. He bought it and went back to his wardrobe.

"Oh my god. When did he start working out?" She asked.

The End

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