We got off the bus, mumbling or usual "Thank you", then as soon as the doors close we say "for being a fat prick" or something along those lines.

We meandered back to his house. Dan as usual waddled towards the door pretending to be Happy Al, making the neighboors shake their heads. 

As soon as the door opened i was leapt upon but none other that the sly deamon that is Muffins. Her short brown fur rubbed against my new Gothica boots.

"Hello sweety!" I picked up the battle-worn moggy. She had a huge chunk missing from one ear, a scar running down her nose and was missing quite a few teeth. She hated nearly everything that moved unless it was a male cat or me. Dan calls her Hoebag, but shes my baby Muffins no matter if she is a cheap kitty whore.

Dan always says me and muffins are soul mates because im a cheap hoe with an attitude problem too ( Which i am not! I haven't gone past making out with a guy, and that was like two years ago anyway).

The other cats probably would apear around the house and get in the way at some point in the evening. I knew where Monkey would be, but the other three cats would no doubt cause mayhem as usual.

We walked into the living room, dumping our stuff. Monkey was exactly where I thought he would be, snugglled underneath what looked like a gigantic ripped tent. This was infact a curtain Monkey had mangaged to rip down (they called him Monkey because of his love of climbing curtains). Apart from that habit he was a very quiet cat.

No sooner had we flicked on beauty and the geek than my phone rang. Unkown number. Okay weird, I picked up anyway.

"Hey girl!" Jamies familiar voice called from the unfamiliar number. "You made out with him yet?" She asked this question everytime me and Dan spent any time alone.

"No, and I dont intend to"  Dan gave an understanding knod still staring at the TV. He knew it was Jamie. It always was when the first thing I said was No.

"Meeeeeoow".  Muffins nuged my hand with her forhead, disgruntled that I had stoped petting her.

Jamie Hissed down the phone. I'm the only one of us that likes Muffins. Okay so Jamie still had a scar from when Muffins was introduced to her but it was no reason to be mean. She's just a cat after all. "Okay Okay, Sure you don't. Anyway Carters having a party tonight, hes invited us three. You coming?"

"Hell yeh! l'll tell Dan".

"Woah hold up its a pool party, you sure you still wanna come". She teased.

"We both screamed down the phone". Pool party yes! No parents, Booze and fit guys just in tiny shorts. We started gigling.

"Okay, I'll be over in like ten miniutes. How was dance?"

"Yeh, I'll tell you about that later. They're just about to go into the elimination room on Beauty and the Geek. Gotta watch this, talk in ten". With that I hung up. I wasn't too keen on telling Jamie about dance . She would probably read way too much into it anyway.

The End

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