Yo Baddddd =PMature

Ok it's the whole boner thing. I think it caught me a little off guard but dude guys get them randomly sometimes right?

Yeh pretty sure they do.

So we're walking to the bus station as we always do on a sunday afternoon after the dance group. Dan stops off and buys us both some kick at the local corner store and I thank him. Unfortunalty realising I was going to feel slightly awkward till I ask this question. It was Dan though, no matter what stupid shit I asked he will laugh and explain symaptheticly so I'm going for it.

"Okay so when we were dancing before what was all that about?"

"Uh all what about?"

"Ya know" I stuck out my indexfinger and slowly raised it till it was pointing up. I laughed so it would apear I was just taking the piss out of him. I think he bought it. 

He put on that voice he does when he's pretending to be shanaynay from the shane dawson show (yeh i watch it who doesnt =P shane is awsome.  What part of a dude pretending to be a girl from the getto who thinks shes black isn't funny). He Put one hand on his hip. With his other hand raised in the air he wiggled and tuted his index.

"Guuuuurl, you was just so hawt wit tem muuuuvs I could not resist mmm mm mmmmmmmmmm tasty!"

I fell off my seat in the station laughing (feeling really goonish may i add, and another thing Who the hell designed those seats? They slant downwards so your slowly sliding off them. You have to dig your feet into the floor and hold yourself up so you look like a sumo wrestler squatting, it's more effort than standing up in the first place! )

 I also put on the voice "Yo Baaaaad Boi! "

He also laughed and snapped off the voice "Ahha. Ez you know you were reli going for the sexyness out there, I would have done it if anyone was doing the whole stripper whore act for me". He stuck out his toung and avoided my playful punch on his arm. 

"I am no stripper! .... It's called exotic dancing". I also stuck my toung out and batted my eyelashes to appear innocent (totally didnt work by the way)

He got up and started to pretend to lassoo me in singing 'Dont cha wish your boyfreind could strip like me' , untill an old lady walked past. He sat very quickly and went red. For such a fun guy he gets really shy sometimes.

Its cute, but in a Awww isnt that puppy cute way not as in Wow how cute is Josh Todd from 'Buckcherry' way.

Bus came. The usual driver =/ . We called this guy 'Happy Al' because we never ever saw him smile. Maybe it's because his face was way to heavy to lift into a smile. I mean this guy was huge. He told me and Jamie off once for eating Nutrigrain bars and "Litering up his bus". Whist he sat there chomping a gigantic big mac. Bearing in mind this was about half three in the afternoon and he was eating this thing as a snack.

Now this will probably sound stupid but we drove past Dan's house on the way back to Dan's house. See the bus driver refuses to stop outside the place. Even when we are the only ones on the bus, and drives about two hundered yards down the road to the bus stop. He gets a weird kick out of annoying us but hes the only bus for the next hour that even comes within a mile of here so were stuck with him. Well atleast untill he falls over one day and cant do anything but roll untill they get a crane to hoist him to his feet again (Dan always hopes).

The End

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