Too much fun? and Foot germsMature

'Buh Duh ..... Na nana, Buh Duh... Na nana'  IYIEEEEE !!!

The music starts and Dans hands go around my hips from behind, placeing his hands on top of eachother over my bellybutton. It didnt feel odd dancing with dan or being close to him like that at the time. He spun me out pretending to check me out as I danced around him. He shaped his hand like a cat's and pretended to paw me whilst mouthing "Rawr"

He came behind me and started pretending to strip. I laughed and so did other people watching us. When the music was closing we spun back to the position we started in. Now it felt weird and I really hoped he had forgotten to take his 3D glasses out of his pocket cause something was poking me. =S .

The rest of the lesson went on as normal. Mr Epils taught us a couple of new fancy moves, and I shrugged off the whole boner thing and went to wash my feet.

I have this thing, I just hate it if my feet are dirty. Feet really creep me out anyway but having dirty feet, no i just cant do it.

I was the kid in first year who was determined it would flood everytime it rained. I didnt know why but i was scared of any rain that lasted more than five miniutes. I also hated Noddy, he really really scared me even more than the rain. So i guess its a blessing being freaky about foot cleanliness was the only thing that really stuck.

Dan was waiting for me outside the dancehall. Looking Georgeous as always .

.... Wait did I just say georgeous ? Woah, Woah. Ok Dan was fit but I've known him since we were like two and fits just a generall obsevation, georgeous is sorta a loving admiring term. No way did I say he was gorgeous... Fuck why did I write that in pen. Okay so that was a mistake, I didnt mean to say that ... Obviously I'm tiered after dancing and foot washing.

Anyway moving on swifty because I am now very aware I'm standing here staring at Dan from inside the hall. Also since other people can't hear my thoughts I probably look like a rather confused lemmon.

Dan sees me (oh joy), and walks over. "Your feet not clean or..?"

"Oh, uhh, No, they're fine, lets just go" (oh great how stupid did i just sound)

He gives me a strange 'ummm okkkay' look and just shakes his head. He knows im a freak anyway, I mean I'm the girl who was just putting Mr Soapy hand foam on my feet.

... and since when did I start worying about how stupid I sounded infront of Dan ??

The End

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