Hiding =SMature

The credidts role up for the movie.

My Bloody Valentine 3D. Movie starts and me and dan start on our Fanta Frozen.

You know the ones right? It's like one huge cup spilt into two and it's got two straws. Well dan Prefers the Blue and I prefer the red so it saves quite alot of money just buying one and sharing.

Omg, no mong, the guys following you! OH cummon, Turn around Turn around !!! I wisper under my breath as the man on the screen slowly turns around.

Ahhhh! Half the audience scream as a pickaxe is thrown towards us in 3D... No I didnt scream. You really think im that much of a girly? .... Okay so maybe i did, but it was scary, and it was only a small 'eek'. I flinched into Dan's shoulder for most of the rest of the movie and sneakily finish off his fanta side.

As usual that evening I would be going over to his place. His parents were as usual out and mine think Dans gay because of the "Deamon hair" as gran puts it. Meaning they dont have a problem with me staying the night if we get trashed. Jamie was comming over later aswell but is probably still at her flute recital. Which we will doubtless tease her about. Gawd we are both so glad we dont have pushy parents.

Jamies too scared to even tell them she likes rock and alternative. When they found her metalica CD and were going to throw it out I thought she was going to explode and kill one of them. I jumped in and said it was mine before they could do anything. They would soooo disown her if they thought she didnt want to play flute or ride horses so she would always have back up carears and skills. Besides Mrs Jamies Mum makes good Lasange so it was in my interests too =P.

Dan and I however had gotten bored somewhere in the past month and joined a dance group for fun. It was actually really just a laugh. Sometimes we did breakdancing and things. Other days like today Mr Epils decided we should learn some salsa, just so we could show off if the occasion called.

The End

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