Annoying as it is, even though dan was also up till half four he will be standing outside the door, tickets in hand tapping his foot. Staring at the Avenged Sevenfold watch I got him last christmas, swishing his ever perfect black fringe. While I'm not even half way there yet. Plus my hair looks a compleat mess and ive been working on it for hours! He will of probably got up looking perfect. The luck of some people.

As usual dad turns up the stereo so he cant hear the hum comming from my i-pod. His lame opera will cut into and guitar solos on my ipod with shrill and wobbly  (just like the women who sing the notes) noises. I then turn up my i-pod, he then turns up the stereo, and this continues untill neither of us can boost the volume.

Fortunatly I  win becuase he complains the opera is not as gracefull heard from such a loud volume. Which is compleatly the oposit to my music.

Dad practically throws me out of the car when we arrive outside the old Vue cinema. Dan is like I said standing there and would probably yell at me for my awful time keeping skills.

"Cummon HO! movies starting he grabbs my wrist and pulls me inside the cinema. Thrusting on our 3D glasses which we paused and sniggered at 'Very Hollywood =P'.


The End

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