Misshaps of my lifeMature

the day to day workings of Elizabeth or Ez Griffin yeh when i feel like it or hit new inspiration ill write a new day x
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"Oh Gawd! Where the hell is this thing? Shit shit shit shit shit I'm gonna be late". I shove my head under the bed and fumble around. My fingers clasp around a pencil shape "Yes, Gottcha you lil .."


"Fuck!" I rubbed my head which I had managed to slam against the bed whilst gloating at my eyeliner. I glare at the black pencil. Not like it will know I'm giving it evils but hey it hid from me and now I am going to be late. Oh shit I am gonna be late! I rushed over to my mirror and steadily put it on, using huge flicks at the side so I looked like I have Amy Winehouse's eyes (but without the black circles and crazy twitch she had developed since the whole drugs thing).

Grabing my stud belt from the stairs I threw into my new criminal damage jeans. As I bolt through the door into my dads car.

"Ez you look like a panda for gods sake" he grumbles the usual disaproving statement.

"Just drive dad please" I shove in my headphones to hear Papa roach sining last resort, currently one of my favourite songs and smile mouthing along the words.

Okay I wouldnt be so late if I hadnt stayed up till half four this morning talking to Dan about .. well everything.                                                             Dont know how but we always manage to start a nice sensible converstaion, and then end up laughing our heads off doing Barry Scot impressions.

No dont look at me like that Dans just a mate. The only time he could ever ever ever ever have ever been interpreted as anything else was the time we were watching saw (dont get me wrong he was as scared as i was) and he bit my neck just to freak me out, accidentally ending up leaving teeth marks.

Didnt stop my best freind, Jamie, trying to set us up at every possible opertunity, but we laugh it off because we both genuinly find it funny.

The End

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