Perfect TimingMature

I kissed his neck softly, my hands running down his back. He shivered, and pulled my face up to his so he could kiss me properly... I smiled beneath the kiss, and pulled him closer to me.

The happy tones of my mobile informed me that someone was ringing at this insane hour...

With an annoyed sigh, I looked to the screen, to see Jack's name flashing across it. Perfect timing, as ever Jack. I fall in love with you, you date my best friend. I fall out of love with you, I become happy. You become available, and interested. I get engaged - and here you are again, calling.

I hit the 'ignore' button viciously, and turned my attention back to Kevin, smiling. I had just put my arms around him, letting him kiss me softly... when the phone rang again. Kevin unwound himself from me, and laid back against the bed. "Answer it, quick, they won't stop otherwise," He said, exasperated.

I gave him a 'I won't be long and I love you' look, and answered the phone.

"Yeah?" I was too annoyed at the interruption for niceties.

"Jeez, take a happy pill Rose," He laughed, seemingly carefree and without any urgent news...

"Jack, I'm busy, what's up?" I said impatiently.

"This weekend, big party, my flat is up," He said cheekily.

"Right, well I'm sorry, but I'm busy. Okay? Nice thought, but I'm out of the country."

"Where are you? With Kevin, or friends?"

"London, with Kevin. Now please, it's late here," I said, looking anxiously towards Kevin.

"Oh okay. Well  we'll talk when you get back," He said, his tone warm and with a flirtatious edge.

"Whatever, bye Jack," I said hastily, and I ended the call before he could go on.

I turned the phone off, and placed it on the shelf.

I turned slowly to face Kevin, crawling slowly back towards him. He sat up, and looked at me seriously, eyes flashing.

"So, you're back in touch with Jack?" He asked quietly. I cursed myself for answering the phone.

"I met him once in New York, and spoke to him briefly... That's all," I finished weakly.

"Okay... Did he want to meet up?"

"He invited me to a party, just being nice I guess, he knows I don't really know anyone in New York."

"Okay. Rose?"

"Yeah?" I looked to him worriedly... I could see pain behind his carefully composed mask.

"I'm sorry... I'm just jealous, I guess," He said, looking down. I was all over him in half a second, rubbing his arm soothingly and looking into his eyes.

"No! There's no reason to be! I love you," I said defiantly... faintly wondering what was there to defy.

"I know... It's just, he can see you when he likes, he lives near. I don't..." He sighed. "Ugh, don't worry, it's a stupid guy thing,"

"What... missing me?" I asked, a smile breaking through the anxiousness on my face. "I hope that's not stupid,"

He smiled widely. "No, I suppose not,"

And then I knew we were fine, okay right now. But with Jack stirring... how long would we be okay for?

The End

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