Funnily EnoughMature

I rushed towards his open arms, my heart pounding out relief in irregular, frantic beats. As soon as I reached him, I lost all sense of the surrounding world... the security staff, busy arrivals lounge and tired joyous people all vanished, to be replaced by a welcome overload of Kevin.

His strong arms enveloped me, bringing me close to his chest. His beautiful scent was emanating from him gently, I could smell him on his shirt... I sighed in contentment, and wonderful relief. He let me go slowly, so as to see my face. His eye's were still blue and crystal clear... but dark shadows lied beneath them, a tiny clue to the stress he was suffering. His hair was ruffled and unbrushed, just as I liked it... maybe on no-one else, but to me, this was him. He was clearly tired... and a little empty... it was if someone had taken Kevin out, and placed an ordinary being within the extraordinary space. I shook myself internally... he was just tired, oh so tired...

He had obviously finished taking me in too, because he placed his hands on my lower back, and pulled me to him. I smiled and savored the feeling of his lips on mine... so familiar and comforting, whilst making my blood burn, my ,soul anxious to be part of his once more.

He exhaled slowly as the kiss ended, his arms holding me to him again. "I don't think it was possible for me to miss you any more than I did," he said slowly, a sad smile playing on his lips.

My intake of breath made him smile, though I wasn't sure if it was only because he could see how much I hated that ... being a cause to his torment. "I missed you too," I said simply, hoping this would convey all I felt.

"Come on , then." He took my hand, grabbed my bag, and towed me along towards the exits of Stansted. 

We were in the car, when he finally answered the question I longed to ask... but refused to, in that female way I resented, I would not allow myself to endure such a risk... put my heart and hopes on the line.

"So, how do you feel, then?"

"Tired, long flight... " I smiled weakly.

"No... I knew that... About my desperate conversation the other night."

"There was nothing desperate about it," I said defensively.

He laughed lightly. "It's okay, Rose, I was desperate. I freely admit it. I was desperate for you." 

My eyes burned at him... portraying all the things I felt like saying and doing...

"So. Do you want to marry me?" He asked casually, and it was difficult for even me to hear the intense emotion behind the question.

"More than you could know," I said, trying to keep my voice equally as casual, and knowing that I was failing.

We both laughed, knowing each other too well... 

"Jeez.... I proposed in the car," He moaned slightly, and pretended to slap himself on the head in mock disbelief.

I laughed now, ecstatic. "It's okay, I'll always remember it,"

"That makes it better?" He said in an incredulous tone.

"Yes, it does! And plus, It's you. And, funnily enough, I love you."

"Yeah? That's good," He said, smiling insanely. "Seeing as I love you too,"

"Fancy spending the rest of your life with me so?"

"I couldn't 'fancy' anything or anyone more," He told me, his jokey tone not matching the look in his eyes.


The End

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