I'm going to marry youMature

"I miss you so much," He whispered tersely, the pain breaking through his delicate tone.

I thought my heart would break from the pain. No... No... don't be hurting...please...

"I can't do anything without you, Rosalie... this is killing me," He broke down, and my heart screamed in terror.

"No! Please, stay strong... I won't be able to Kevin... I can't function if you don't... I'll be home soon, so soon..." My comforting words felt like senseless mutterings... It wasn't stopping his pain... so what use had they?

I could hear the unfamiliar sobs... He was never like this...

"Sshhhhh... It's okay... I'm going to be on the first flight home, love... I'll be there tomorrow... with you."

His break down suddenly quietened.

"No, Rosie. No... I won't wreck this for you... just... I need to see you,"

"I'm coming home, we'll see how long for when I get there... Okay?"



"I'm going to marry you,"

"I know,"

I heard the click as he hung up the receiver, and my heart soared, my heart beating a million miles a minute... I could feel the blood rushing to my face... and salty tears of incredulity and intense, searing joy rolled down my face, trickling down my neck, and onto my breasts. Love didn't seem stronger than this, even when we were a thousand  miles away.

The End

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