Glances and StaresMature

I stared around at the apartment. It was smaller than anything else I'd seen today, but also ten times cleaner and it was nearer to the offices. Besides, the kitchen was seperate, something I had learned was invaluable, if you don't like having your kitchen in your bedroom cum sitting room. "I'll take it," I told the estate agent, who was busy texting on his touch phone.

"Ah, yeah that's a very wise choice," He said, clearly paying no attention to me at all.

"So, I can have it for three months?"

"I will speak to the vendor, see if he'll accept a lease smaller than six months."

"Good, let me know," This may seem like a silly thing to say, but after numerous dealings with this idiot, I knew it was necessary.


I left the apartment by ten a.m., and I decided to go have a coffee. I definitely needed one after ending my search for an apartment. Well, I hoped it had ended.

I had been looking for somewhere to live for the past two weeks, whilst I was staying at a hotel. I had started my internship last Monday, and it was the most tiring, extensive work I had completed since university, but I adored it. I had told Kevin on the phone yesterday, that I was reading manuscripts. ACTUAL manuscripts, and passing on the ones I recommended to my boss. I was grammer proofing, spell checking, sitting on in important meetings... meeting top editors, authors, illustrators, marketing managers... All this after a week, more than I had achieved in a year working for the company in London. And I was doing what I had aspired to do in university, and flying it.

The only thing that was missing, was Kevin. I could do without my family, for three months. Easy. But two weeks without Kevin, was proving more difficult than  I could have imagined. No one was there beside me in the mornings, when I woke up, sleepy and craving attention. No one was there when I got home, no one was there to whine about the lack of hot water, no one was there at all. I even just missed the simple comfort of having him kiss me goodnight. It was all so hard, and if I felt like this after two weeks, I worried what state I'd be in, in three months.

As I approached the cafe, a little chic haven I had discovered on my first week here, I noticed someone standing outside it. He looked familiar... six feet tall, dark floppy hair...tanned skin. I had not yet met anyone I knew in New York, and I'd found it a little dissapointing, since a least ten people from uni had moved here. Maybe this guy was one of them. I walked over, and took a blase glance at the guy, and I intended to just keep on going into the cafe. But, the moment I saw his face, my legs stopped working, they forgot how to move. I stood dumbstruck, in front of him. He turned around to face me.

"Rosie! My god, it's Rosie! What are you doing here my love!"

"Hey, Jack."

The End

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