We sat numbly at the table, not looking or uttering a single syllable to each other. Pain was searing through me, a sensation I had long forgotten, something I had never before experienced during my five years with Kevin. I suddenly felt like I could no longer sit in silence, I had to get up, leave, escape. I picked up my black jacket and bag, and kissed him swiftly on his cheek, lightly grazed by his stubble.

As I pulled away, and turned to leave, he grabbed my arms and brought me back towards him. He kissed me hard, and I dropped into his lap, my arms going around his neck. We were in oblivion, together, and I never wanted to be pulled back into reality again. He ended our kiss softly, and pulled back his face to look at mine.

"What am I going to do, Rosie?" He said, and held me securely as he could, in my arkward posistion across his lap. I was slowly becoming aware, that we were in a coffee shop in New York, and I was sitting in my boyfriend's arms, like a three year old. But, I really didn't care.

I considered his question slowly, before thinking out my answer, something I rarely did. "If we don't both do what we need to do, Kevin, one of us will be resentful in the future. I don't want that, I want us both to be happy, and to have our careers to take off. We need to do this, just for twelve weeks, and then I promise- I'll be a limpet, and you'll never tear me away again, whether I have to follow you to Brazil and edit football books, I'll do it." He laughed loudly, and then took a deep breath.

"But, it won't be a solid three months... will it? I mean, I'll get to visit..."

"Oh, I think visiting is allowed," I winked.
We both burst into laughter. "I better get off your lap, people are beginning to stare," I whispered quietly.

"Oh well, let them stare, they're only jealous that I have you, and no-one else does," He whispered back, his eyes sparkling with a mixture of mischief and happiness.

"Oh, ok then."

And we spent  another half hour like that, before we left, and held hands while we walked back to the hotel.

The End

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