Three monthsMature

"So, what did she say?" Kevin said gently, taking my hands in his. We were in a Starbucks in the middle of New York, and I had just taken the call from Johanna.

I took a forced deep breath, and blew out the used air slowly. "I didn't get the year-long internship-" I paused for just a moment, to see Kevin's eyes- which were emanating relief foremost, with only a touch of sympathy.

 Before he could console me, I continued on. "But, I've been offered one of their three month ones instead."

"You've been offered a three month long internship?" Kevin said slowly, taking in the new information and circumstances.

"Yes. And you've accepted the job at Rosings,"

"Yeah." We both sat in silence, shell-shocked at what this could mean.

"What are we going to do?" Kevin suddenly looked up at me, his face desperate. I knew what I thought... but he wasn't going to like it.

I looked down at my cold hands while I said what I needed to. "Well, you've accepted the Rosings job, which I'm so proud of sweetie, it's so amazing... and I've been offered this internship...and, well, it's only three months. We could deal with it, maybe..." I finished quietly, and looked up to see Kevin's white face.

"Three months."

"Yeah... I'd be home right away, home to you," I said in a warm, consoling tone.

"Three months."

"Kevin..." He took out his mobile, and began pressing buttons.

"What are you doing?" I asked, surprised.

"Ringing Rosing's office..."

"No! Kevin! You are not giving up this job! I'd rather give up ten internships! It's only an internship, it's no big deal!"

"Damn!" He slammed the phone down on the table.

"What?" I asked tentatively.

"They're closed. Damn time difference!" He closed his eyes for a minute, then ordered another coffee.

"Kevin, I'll let Johanna know I can't take it, I won't let you give up Rosings over some silly internship,"

"I was ringing to see if I could start in three months, not give the job up." He said, his voice taking on a unfamiliar acerbic tone. And, it hurt. I didn't want him to give the job up... but was it so ridiculous to him that he did? He was the one saying we could not be parted. Was my internship silly and insignificant to him?

"I doubt that they'll wait around for you, Kevin." I said, my voice a little colder than usual, lashing out, because of my stinging hurt.

"Okay. Say they say no, that it's now or never, What are we going to do then?"

"Then, I'll complete my internship here, and you'll take the job at Rosings. I come home in three months, we move on, live life." He groaned, and his head fell into his rough hands, something I had become very acquainted with over the last few days.

"I just don't think..."

"That we could survive it?"

He looked up at me, shock written all over his pallid face.

"I was going to say I didn't think I could last without you for so long!"

He gave me a long look. I didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry," I said, my voice small, and somehow irrelevant.

"Do you think we couldn't survive three months away?" He asked, his voice burning with hidden meaning.

"I don't think that... I think it would be very hard, and testing, but it would make us stronger,"

"Right then. That's what we'll do,"

"What's what we'll do?" I asked, confused. Had he really just changed his mind? Had he really just agreed to three whole long months apart? What was I saying....I suggested it. I'm the one who supposedly wanted to be torn away from Kevin.

"We'll spend three months apart." His voice was cold, and hinted at his anger.

Three months was going to feel like a very long time.

The End

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