Celebration and WoeMature

I had just woken up in Kevin's arms, halfway through our flight to J.F.K. I turned sleepily to look at him, and he grinned.

"Feel better now, baby?"

"Ah, still feel kinda shit,"

He looked worriedly at me, and helped me sit up. When the expression continued, I laughed.


"What are you looking at me like that for?"

"Just don't like you being ill..."

"Ah, don't worry, I'm sure I'll be fine. I just have to shake off whatever it is," I smiled weakly. "Hope you don't get it, sweetie,"

"Don't worry about me. Just thinking about your interview,"

"It's in two days...I'll have shaken it off by then,"

"Look, this is shit timing, but I was just wondering, well...No, don't worry,"

"Kevin, tell me, before  I get panicky,"

"Do you have to go to this interview?"

"What? Are you kidding? My big interview, with the publishers! I practically had to write an essay just to get a meeting with them! "

"Yeah, you're right... forget I said anything,"

"Forget! Don't be crazy! What's wrong... do you not want me to get the internship?"

"I'd love for you to achieve that, Rosie, I swear, it's just... Oh I'm being selfish,"

"You don't want to move to New York." I whispered quietly, and gulped. This was what I had feared... god please, don't make me choose...

"I'd love to, especially with you, Rosalie darling. But... As, I said, this is selfish... But... I was offered a job with Rosings."

I gasped quietly, taking in the new information. Rosings was a massive publishers in London, a massive firm, and they wanted Kevin...

"Wow. That's amazing!"

He smiled sadly, and put his head in his hands. I knew how he was feeling, and rubbed his arms in comfort.

"Well then, when do you start?"

"I didn't accept yet,"

"Are you mad! Ring them the instant we land!"

"I'm not going to be anywhere where you're not, Rosie. You know that. I'm just so happy to be with you, you're enough. I don't need..."
I had quietened him, by placing my cold fingers on his lips.

"I only have an interview, you have a job. This is going to be a fun holiday," I smiled, emphasising 'holiday'.

"No! Rosalie! How dare you! You have to take this interview! I was being soo stupid earlier..." He faded. Then looked at me, his eyes burning with intensity. "You are going to do this interview, we'll deal with the rest later" He whispered, and kissed my lips softly.

"But you'll ring Rosings to accept the instant we land,"

"No, I'll wait until your interview,"

"Stop! You accept or I don't do the interview!"

"Fine," He said fiercely, his eyes burning, "But, I'll not be parted Rosie. Not ever."

I curled up into him, and we waited the rest of the journey out in each other's arms.

The End

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