FIVE YEARS ON- happiness comes with timeMature

"Ah jaysus Rosie!" I heard him complain, with a touch of amusement in his voice.

"What now grumpy-head?" I said, my voice smiling along with my eyes.

"You took all the hot water!"

"I did not! " I burst into laughter, at his indignant expression and upturned eyebrows, an expression I had come to know well these past five years. "Okay, so maybe I did... but. I warned you that you should have hopped in while I was there..."

"Yeah, yeah. Well, as good as that sounded, I needed sleep!"

"Aw, are you not able for it anymore? The late nights catching you up?"

"I'll catch you up if you're not careful missy!"

"Oh really?"


The chase around our third floor apartment that ensued was something that occurred every other morning. What can I say? We liked to have fun. He caught me eventually, and threw me down on our white bed. I laid in his arms, my wet blonde hair against his bare chest. He was reading the sports section of the paper, something he did every Sunday. I generally liked to just lie there, while he tried to turn the pages with me in his arms.

"Coffee?" I enquired gently, disentangling myself from his embrace.

"I think it's only right, seeing as you took all the water," He grinned, and then continued with reading about Liverpool's lastest siging.

I padded out towards the kitchen, dressed in my fluffy bathrobe. I could feel his eyes on my exposed legs and smiled to myself, delighted, that even after five years, he was not bored with me. And god, I wasn't bored with him.

I made up a cafetiere, and set it on a tray, along with two mugs and a couple slices of buttered toast.

We were heading off on an trip to New York in a week, something we had been talking about ever since we had graduated from university. I had graduated with a degree in english, and had spent a year working in a publishing office in London, doing scrap work and trying desperately to make connections. I had an interview for an internship with a large publisher in New York, and we were going to make a trip of it.

 We would only be there for two weeks, but as we kept excitedly saying, we could be there for a lot longer if all went right. Kevin had graduated with a degree in art, and was working for a small publishers at the moment, as an illustrator. Life was hard work-wise. We both had long hours, and tough grafting, and little gratification at the moment. But, we hoped and prayed that this would all pay off one day, and we'd be where we wanted to be, an editor and a fully established book illustrator and jacket designer.

I sighed as I thought about the ridiculous work I was set at work, fetching coffee and sorting through manuscripts. It was a stepping stone. Well, I hoped it was. I smiled as I thought about the place I worked in during uni, a greasy cafe. I was suddenly feeling quite positive about my work...

Kevin hoped he would find somewhere in New York too, and we were both praying that we would not be forced to make that decision: career or love?

But I tried not to think of it now, because we were so blissfully happy. I know knew what it felt like to be loved and adored, and having someone to love and adore.

The End

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