Lack of L words cause need for Vodka and a ChampagneMature

The afternoon with Ella had been completely emotionally draining. She had whined and moaned about Jack, and his supposed many flaws, but I sat in the apartment, thinking - god, you're lucky to have him at all. She moaned and moaned, and when I finally made a pretence that I had to leave, she quickly threw in that she needed me to proof-read her work.

Instead of telling her sure, no problem - I snapped. 

''Ella. You are very capable of re-reading your work for mistakes, you're just so lazy!'' I smarted, annoyed with her for so many reasons she just could not comprehend.

''Ah, come on Rosalie, you're so much better at it than me,'' She had pleaded in such a tone, I knew she thought she could win me over. As usual. Which made me even more adamant that I would not read her work in any circumstance. 

''I can't. I'm busy later,'' I said quickly, and began picking up my belongings from around the place.

''You, busy?'' Ella had laughed nastily. ''Please. Work or study? Cos that's all you do,''

''Well some of us have to work because they're not scrounging from their boyfriends!'' I had shouted, anger flaring.''And some of us have no boyfriend,'' She sneered. What had got into her? ''Well some of us don't have slut stamped across their forehead!'' Whoa. Ok. maybe that was a step too far Rosalie...
With that, Ella had burst into tears. I had felt hugely guilty, and I'd spent the rest of the afternoon comforting her. She however, found more comfort in a bottle of vodka.When I had made motions to leave, Ella had clutched my arm,  in a drunken state. ''D-D-on't gggo, Rrosiiee,'' I turned to look at her, pity on my face. She pulled me closer. “ Shalll I teell youu sometin…” “Okay, go on Ella,” I had actually thought she would let me go if she got whatever was bothering her off her chest.
“I - I …toold Jack I looved him,” I think I died a little bit at this point. Thoughts of engagement parties, weddings and true love ran through my mind. I began to cry quietly, but I think Ella was so drunk she didn’t notice. Or she wouldn’t remember. “ He told me he didn’t love me,” Ella finished sadly. She started drunkenly sobbing, and passed out some minutes later. I half-lifted, half-dragged her to the sofa, and covered her over with an afghan. All the while, my heart was screaming in jubilation. Really loudly.
I picked up my car keys, jacket and mobile and I was walking towards the mahogany door when Jack walked in, slightly hammered. He stared at me for a minute until he finally spoke.

“Rosie, are you leaving?” 

“Yeah, you know. Things to do, people to see,"

 “Oh okay. Do you want to sit and talk for a bit? We used to always…”

“Okay. Ella’s passed out though.”

 “ She’ll be fine. Coffee?”

The End

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