Elevators and elevated happinessMature

I knocked on the door to their flat and felt a pang of pain when I saw their names beside the buzzer ''Jack Saunders and Ella Mc Carthy''. I knew Ella adored the fact that they lived together, although it had only occurred because Ella's room mate had 'kicked her out' .

Jack had confided to me at the time , that he'd had no other choice, he was her boyfriend, if she needed him, he'd be there. It had comforted me to no end at the time,that he was not doing it because he wanted to, but now, all I could think of was that she was with him all the time. And god did it hurt. He was the reason I was hurting, the reason I couldn't be with any other guy, the reason I awoke in the morning at all. And, he wasn't with me. God this sucks.

I pressed the silver buzzer and waited nervously. Any visit to see Jack and Ella was painful. They couldn't keep away from each other. Don't get me wrong, I love Ella. She's an amazing friend, very bubbly, fun, but always there when you need her. I felt awful for feeling how I did about Jack. But what could I do? I'm only human. If I love, I love.

I was buzzed into the building, and the silver door swung open , allowing acceptance into the high-class building for a maximum of ten seconds. 

I rushed in, and hurriedly pushed the elevator button. It opened quietly, and I walked in, and was about to push the button for Ella and Jack's (pang) flat, when this guy in a vintage rolling stones t-shirt and ripped jeans entered it at a breathtaking speed.

''Sorry, But if  there was a chance I could get in, I had to try,'' He said, with a smug tone, and a cheeky grin spreading across his face.

We both burst into laughter.

''Chancer,'' I said, a smile plastered on my face, my hurt completely forgotten.

''I'm Kevin,'' He stuck out his hand for me to shake.

I took it , my smile not ending.

'' Hey, I'm Rosalie.''

''Beautiful name, Rosalie,''

''So, do you live in the building?'' And with this, the doors opened.

We both got out on the same floor. '' No, I'm visiting some friends,''

''Ok. Maybe I could see you again some time? I mean, if you want to.''

''That sounds...perfect.''

We exchanged numbers, and he gave me one more smile before continuing on.

And you know what? I had a feeling I would be calling him. He would be the first guy in a long time that I'd actually want to call.

I turned with my smile continuing on, as I knocked on their door.

Jack opened it, and gave me a blinding smile. However, his effects... were... well. I won't lie, it hurt like hell. But, it was diluted. By Kevin.

''Come on in, my love,'' Jack winked at me as he used his term of endearment for me. One that caused far too much pain to bear, but what would I say? Sorry Jack, don't call me that, it hurts because I so wish that you did call me that, for real. No. I think not.

''Hey, Ella, Rosalie's here,''

''Rosalie! Hey! You're late!''

''Sorry, Ella. I got caught up with studying,'' I smiled, actually genuinely, something that rarely happened in their presence.

''See Ella, she was studying, you know, like you should be,'' Jack smiled, and ruffled her hair.

Ok so that hurt. But...maybe less than before?

''Anyway, I gotta go my lovelies, I've soccer practice,''

''See you later,'' I said happily. That would make things easier, even if it meant I would miss spending time with him.



The End

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