Damned L wordMature

''Jesus Ella! Quit it! I just don't feel like that! I'm sorry, I really am, but I'm not prepared to lie to you, alright? '' I ended softly, and took my hysterical girlfriend into my arms.

''I...Just....Love....You...So...Much....Why....Don't ...You ...Feel...The...Same?'' She sobbed dramatically, crying into my shirt.

''I just haven't reached that point yet, doesn't mean I won't, and it most definitely doesn't mean that there is anything less than perfect about you,'' I consoled the weeping girl in my arms and sighed internally. Why did she have to say that damned word? I mean we've been dating for what...four months? Good god Ella.

Ella was drying her tears on the collar of my shirt, I picked her up and carried her to the sofa, and helped her with it.

''God, you're so wonderful. I lo-''

''Please don't, hon'' God. She knows just the wrong thing to say. Poor thing. I don't think I ever will love her. Should I end it?

''Ok,'' She sniffs again. At this, she takes my face in her hands and kisses me slowly at first, then I feel her open her mouth to my tongue, and she increases the speed. I feel her run her cold hands up my back, and then I feel her pull the shirt off... Oh. This is why I haven't broken up with her.

After, she lies on my bare chest, and I chastised myself for leaving this go on. God, men are really ruled by their pants. No more. Something will have to be done. I can no longer waste her time, or mine.

The End

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