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Rosalie seems to have it all going for her. Smart, beautiful and funny. Three big checks. However, Inside, Rosalie is unhappy. Because the 'unrequieted love' and 'in desperate need for some cash' boxes are ticked too. Because Rosalie happens to be very in love, with her best friend, Ella's boyfriend, the perfect, caring and insanely gorgeous Jack. Rosalie thinks there is simply only one thing to do in such a situation: suffer. But she seems to be unaware of other things happening in her group of

I sighed quietly to myself as I cleared the the small maple table of the cafe. It was nearing to nine, and the cafe didn't close till ten. My legs ached from being on a double shift since eight this morning, but I was grateful for the work. As I wiped the table with cheap, watered-down disinfectant, two guys in their early twenties sat down.

''I'll be with you in one moment,'' I said, with as much kindness I could muster in my tired state.

''Don't worry, honey. I'd wait all night for you,'' The guy said in an oily tone.

''Oh how sweet,'' I said, sarcasm heavy in my voice.

''But this place closes in an hour.'' I gave him a cold glare, and walked to the counter.

The second guy seemed embarrassed, and hit the the other guy's arm as I walked away.

I heard him whispering as I cleaned down the counter.

''Dude, seriously! She's hot n' all but...that's like...harrassment!''

I smiled to myself, and went to take their order.

''Well guys? What can I get you?''

''Your number sweetie,'' said the first guy.

''Oh well. That's not on the menu. Try again.'' I was getting impatient now. Jeez, why couldn't he just order without trying it on?

''Hmm. Toasted cheese and bacon sandwich please, he'll have the same, and two cokes,'' The second guy said quickly, giving me an apologetic smile.

''Coming right up,'' And I smiled right back.

When the two guys left, I went to collect the tip they had left on the table. Along with it, I saw a number on the napkin. It had 'Lucas, the normal one' written on it. I smiled slightly and pocketed it. But I knew I wouldn't be calling him.

 Because he was no Jack. God, he was no near as amazing as Jack, what with his chocolate floppy hair and chocolate eyes to match. With this, the gaping hole in my heart burst open, the one I tried desperately to staple shut, and I felt the need to go crawl into bed and never leave it's safe, warm protection from all the hurt swirling in the outside world.

But, being so utterly experienced at this, I pushed the soul-ripping pain back inside once more, and began putting the chairs up for the night.

The End

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