Miss Brown-Eyed Fancy

A reflective piece.

I suppose we are both rather worn and weary as we near the end of our time together. Here I sit at the foot of your bed watching your shallow breaths. But you are still so lovely, a gentle, little girl now graced with graying hair. The lights are low, the air is quiet, and in the corner a young woman with babes of her own, prays and prays and keeps her loving watch..

Do you remember when I first came to you? Your father was so proud as he brought me to your crib. You smiled the smile of innocence, a tiny celebration of fresh, newborn joy. And you rubbed your cheek upon my own. We first came to know this thing called love in those night-light moments. Our souls came alive to the grace of God as we rocked back and forth in your mother’s lullabies.

Oh, how we used to play. I was often the honored guest at those parties held for kings and queens who came by our way in the pink and purple room just up the stairs. We’d live in castles in the air and sail on distant seas. We would spend days and days lost in those misty dreams. We would share those dreams in private whispers, each and every one. I would listen to them all and you would imagine mine for me.

And did not most of our dreams come true, my brown-eyed fancy? Oh, maybe in somewhat different ways then when we first did dream them up. You learned some wisdom; you saw some world, you even felt the touch of God. And when you did, I came along.

Sometimes in love, you would hug me so, all excited about that someone special in someone else’s heart. And to be sure, you sometimes dried your tears on my fur when those first teenage loves left your heart in broken pieces.

You kept me close on lonely nights when your husband went off to war. You needed me so in those fearful days and I confess, I needed you. But he came home and found me near. And he made for me a wooden chair so that I might always have a cherished place for all the years to come.

You shared me with your little girls until they found their own ones such as me. For I was always yours, my fancy with the tender kiss, and would always be, from the moment of our beginning and to this our peaceful end.

And so I sit and dream with you in this gentle, prayerful light, and wonder if teddy bears might journey on beyond this final, loving night.

The End

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