Misery Loves Comedy

This is a one take. (Not a novel)
I did this story for a challenge... so it's not really my best, but I do like it.

I heard a mute knock at my door, but I didn't bother to get it. Blythe was the only person I wanted to talk to, or even see. Before I knew it he was standing in my living room looking down at me smiling. His perfect dirty blonde hair was in it's place, his classic red, white, ang blue flannel shirt was buttoned up except the top two. He sat down his guitar case, and his old torn up black and white back pack as I sat up.
"May I sit?"
I looked beside me and then back at him. As I patted the cushion next to me I nodded. He sat down then asked, " How have you been?"
I shrugged and answered softly, "Well, I haven't moved from this couch in 3 days."
His eyes got a little bit bigger but then he went on, "Do you want to talk about......."
I cut him off right there. "No. But I am feeling better."
He smiled that smile which could light up all of New York City."Was it all of my jokes?" He said sort of kiding.
I giggled then went on to say, "Yeah, it kinda actullay was. You were right, misery loves comedy."
He smiled as he reached for his guitar case. He popped it open and pulled out a beautiful ebony guitar. I smiled as sat cris - cross. Blythe turned to me and put his guitar on his lap. He started to strum a fimilar tune. I couldn't figure it out at first, but then it hit me, Trampoline by Never Shout Never. I smiled as he contuned playing. Then to my surprise, he started to sing the lyrics. My face lit up even more. I adore that song, it was just awmazing coming from his lips.
He finished the song then sighed. I smiled and started clapping. He looked up and smiled. I giggled then spoke, "I loved it......"
He smiled and turned to me, "I picked that song because I know it's your favorite."
We sat in two seconds of silence before he told me, "You need some sleep, Hayley."
I nodded agreeing as he stood up. I threw my blanket off to the side and tryed to push myself off the couch. He laughed slightly, and then helped me get up. I sat up on my bed and so did he.
"Does your mom know?"
I shook my head and contuned, "She won't know until gets back in a year." I sat back on my pillow.
"What is she doing in Itlay again?"
I thought that I had actullay forgot, but then I remembered. "She told me she had some business to take care of."
He nodded slowly understanding. I stared out my door watching the clock tick. Suddenly I felt a single tear roll down my check. I flipped over on my side toward Blythe as I quickly wiped it away. He looked down at me sadly then put his arm around me.
"I'm sorry," I spoke, "your the one who lost a sister."
He shook his head and looked off. "You lost more then that. You lost your best friend."
I whiped away one last tear, trying to make myself stop. "I just had no idea Adam would do that to her...." More tears started to fall again.
He squezzed me trying to make my feel better, but it didn't help because he was also crying. "None of us did, not even April."
I contuned to cry at the same pase. "I-I just can't believe she's gone." I buried my head into his chest and next thing I knew I was sound asleep.
I started to dream; it was me and Blythe walking down the sidewalk. The setting looked awfully fimlar, it was foggy, misty, and freezing. We turned into his house and turned again into April's room. We both looked around busily as we thought to our sleves, "Where are they?" Not thinking anything of it, I opened the closet. I screamed so loud it probably terrafied Blythe. He turned around swiftly trying not to scream also. There she was, exscatly how I remembered it. Blythe reached for the pink sticky note stuck to her shirt and took it off. "I hope you had fun with her. I sure did, xo, Adam." We both started crying. Then Blythe turned it over and read, "P.S. she was my angel, so I put her up in heaven." I wanted to smile a little, but I reminded myself that he murdered her.
I awoke to Blythe strocking my hair. I smiled and blinked away the tears. He moved in closer and kissed me.
That night, I found closure, and I fell in love. Blythe made me feel alive agian. What can I say except; misery loves comedy.

The End

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