What if

What if I regret...almost everything? Not just..people, or letters, or things, words, sentences, paragraphs...I just want to change so much that I've done. I want things to be right. For everyone I've met that...wasn't. Wasn't alright. I want the people I care about to be okay, because they aren't.

And that's wrong. The world is not an awful place. It is beautiful, in so many ways. We came along and ruined it. People suck. Not all people, but people do suck. We're horrid. We kill, hurt, and destroy people-whether we know them or not. We take all the security and joy they had and burn it. Like it never existed. Like it never mattered.

But it does matter, it's always mattered. It never stopped mattering. People so easily dismiss things and they don't listen to the screams. They miss every sign and they don't even look. By the time these people are gone, suicide wise, they act like; "oh I never saw the signs" "they should've talked to me" "I could've helped" and the truth is, they're wrong.

The reason you were so dismally blind to everything is because they didn't want you to see, didn't want you to hear, didn't want you to know. They don't even trust those closest to them with their secrets. They go off and tell strangers because it's easier, they don't know each other. 

The End

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