There is more than you see

Life seems like a continuous battle. It all really depends on how you see the world. Are you as miserable as you think? No, you aren't, and I can tell you why. You look at the world and observe and maybe even stay with the sucky contemptous angry view it is that you have, and you'll always be miserable like that if you never choose to see the good in the world and instead only see the bad.

Now see, if you happen to be so as unlucky as to be hit with the reality of the world at a young age and no one is around to show you both the good and the bad and help you understand, then you might end up waiting until you hit teenage years (14, 15, 16, ect..) and you find someone willing to show you and tell you the things no one else did, you need to listen to them because they are right.

I understand (in a way) and am picking this up from a friend of mine. He's trying to help me see differently than I have, and I only hope he doesn't think it's completely worthless and that he might as well give up, because that is not so. I may be stubborn, but I'm coming around, I'm just telling you that I'm trying to see it the way you are showing me.

So if ever there comes a day that you see and feel the whole world is a miserable place and that nothing will change, think of butterflies. They cannot see their wings, therefore cannot see their beauty. We humans are much the same, as is the world. So hold on a little tighter, and open your eyes a little wider, I think it's time you made things a little brighter.

The End

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