At fault

I always know what I want to write, it's the words I need to write/say it. The don't come easy. In fact, they're a lot harder to think of than I thought. And maybe it isn't even just that. It's everything, everyone. All the other people, words, thoughts, feelings and things milling around. Even when I'm "alone".

You see, you're really never alone. You have yourself. You have your thoughts, your words, your feelings. So you're never actually alone. No matter how much you want or need to be, you just aren't. And that's the reason that it's okay. Because you have yourself. But that isn't even why I'm writing this. I didn't even mean too.

It's about the depression, anxiety, pain, miserableness, the slight panic, the racing thoughts, the stress, it's about everything else, everything, everything in-between. It's about about everyone. It's about the stupid small things. It's about the things I wish hadn't happened, It's about the things I'm supposed to be grateful for for happening, because of the butterfly effect. It's about the things I wish hadn't happened and the things I wish would happen. It's about the mistakes I've made, the bad decisions I've made the bad decisions I'm going to make.

It's about the good things, the good things and the bad things. It's about the words that weren't said, the words that should've been said, and words that shouldn't have been said. It's about all the tears and laughter, and smiling. It's about the thoughts and it's about the feeling. It's about everything.

The End

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