Things are not always what you expect

Things aren't always- and sometimes never- what you expect. And I mean anything and everything. Maybe it's the book you just bought, it isn't as good as you thought it would be. Or it could be among more serious things. The class you just signed up for is better than you thought. For me, it's a lot of things, and not so many things, but almost all of them are near impossible to explain. But let me try a common one, first, vastly known, "Love". To me, love is the smile that I get when I look at him, or when I remember something between us. The smile he procurs at the worst times, making me laugh when I'm in tears. The way he makes me feel. It's the conversations we have, the way we look at each other. It's not something you can find with everyone. Okay, now how about life? Life is about the way we feel, the way we make each other feel, the way we make ourselves known, the way we make things, the things we say, the things we decide. It's about the way we think. It's about the way we do things. It's about everything. And nothing is ever easy, you know. I don't think there really is anything easy out there. I mean, look at society! They judge the girl that dresses weird and self-harms! They judge the boy that is quiet, and makes everyone laugh! They judge the girl and guy that are completely in love with each other! They judge EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! They judge cars, people, things, food, places, words, eyes, faces, clothes, books, drinks, phones, games, jewelry, music, thoughts, art, pictures, movies, disks, poems, lyrics, hands, rings, animals, grass, names.. And that's just to name a few. Whatever exists, can, and will, be judged. There is NO escaping it, and it's so hard to understand sometimes. It's confusing. Lets start with cars. They're judged by looks, the inside, whats under the hood, the color, how they run, their speed... People? Look at most boy bands, they've been labeled as "faggots" and "gay" just because they make music, just because they're getting higher in the charts, just because they're famous. How is that fair for anyone? How is that fair to them? It's not even funny, if you don't like them, come up with a smarter and better reason then just calling them faggots and gay. Also, stop with your misinterpretations of faggots and gays. Really. Words are judged. Whatever you stand up for, whatever you say, it's instantly twisted into something it isn't. And that's unfair to everyone and everything. And yet, it's so different. Society isn't to blame. PEOPLE are. People are the ones saying all of this, and as per usual, need someone or something to blame. So why not "Society"? It's perfect, right? No. It makes you look incredibly dumb. I'm tired of it all, I'm tired of the horrible spelling and grammar, it being the internet IS NO EXCUSE. It IS NOT an excuse to be stupid. It IS NOT an excuse to be a douche. It's not an excuse for ANY sort of horrid behavior! And it's so irritating, and annoying, to just see something and then face-palm because you're just like "We're supposed to be INTELLIGENT. What the actual hell is this?" And you just do a mental self-combustion and die a little inside. Humans, in my opinion, are incredibly stupid. We could do so much better. We can be so much better. And yet, here we are, with the likes and shares and other dumb things and such, and the intelligence in people is slowly dropping. What am I suppose to expect now? This sudden incredulous attack of a new stupid? I don't understand, We're supposed to be SMARTER than this! Yet we're surrounded by so much stereotyping, idiocracy, and we have nothing to show from when we were so much better! Look at us! The world is falling apart, by OUR hands! All the arguments set on by religion, sexual orientation, looks, and so much more. Why is it all this way? It has changed so much, and so fast. It's like almost no-one understands, the number is steadily growing as much as it is falling. It's so hard for people to agree on something, without being judged, labeled, and told to go stand in a corner. There is nothing anyone can do. And you know what? We DESERVE for the world to end. We don't deserve anything we have. Look at us! We're despicable! We're the ugliness "society" describes! We are to blame for EVERYTHING! We are tearing each other and the world apart! It's the thought that MAYBE things will get better, MAYBE people will be better, MAYBE we can be and do better than this, MAYBE we won't fall to our own, MAYBE we won't fail. And then, it's all taken away, because things won't get better, people won't be better, we can't and won't do better, we WILL fall to our own, we will fail. And I know that this is wrong, I KNOW that we can fix this and ourselves, but we're just so incompetent, we're supposed to be the smarter species, for gods sakes LYCAON PICTUS ARE SMARTER THAN US! And you don't understand the difficulties, I mean, we complain about irrelevant things, we cause and produce drama, over stupid things! It's getting a bit ridiculous! What are we DOING with our lives? NOTHING! We are making NOTHING of ourselves! We are such a dull existence, we don't deserve this life. Maybe, Heaven and Hel exist, maybe Valhalla and Asgard and Hel exist, maybe all of these places for all these religions exist, and maybe they don't. It's different for everybody, I know. But isn't that the way everything is? It's always either dark, or light, wrong, or right, hot, or cold, up, or down, left, or right, forwards, or backwards. When in all honesty, nothing is right, and nothing is wrong. Things aren't always what you expect.

The End

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