I wonder of things

Sometimes I'll just be sitting, or laying there, thinking about the simplest thing, and then my thoughts turn serious, I start to wonder, about everything. The stars, sunrise, sunset, words, love, memories, life.

When I think about the stars, I think about how bright or dull they are, how big or small they are, what they are close to. What it would be like to sit outside and either watch the sun set and watch them appear, or sit and watch the sun come back into view, and watch the stars fade away into someone else's night.

When I think about the sunset and sunrise, I recall when I've just been sitting there, and randomly look up, out the window, to see the sun setting. I'll gaze for a moment more, before pushing the blinds out of the way so as to watch, with a better view. When I think of the sunrise, I remember all the nights I spent staying up, and then my dog and I going outside at the earliest of morning, and sitting either in the grass, or on the concrete, and watching the sunrise. Feeling the warmth as it crossed over us, and relaxing us. We spent a summer spending our mornings in these simple moments of peace and silence. I cherish these moments.

When I think of words, I think of how someone could come up with them. As the letters form across the screen, in a book, on a paper. How did they think of them? How did they come up with the sounds? For the religious people, it's not as simple as God just talking. For the Big Bang theorists, this doesn't call for a scientific explanation. It's more in depth than that.

When I think of love, I think of the feelings. The feeling of security, warmth, happiness, pure joy. How one person can make you feel all these things, make you leap for the sky. Have a smile on your face all day, at a thought of them, at thinking of every word between you, each and every moment and memory shared. It could be love at first site, through the internet, through a blind date, being introduced, or seeing them across the street, and immediately deciding you had to know them. Whatever it was, they are your love. They're your everything.

When I think of memories, I think of mine. I think of sitting there, in a daze, as each one rolls through my mind. Walking into a room, and just looking at every thing inhabiting it, thinking of where it came from, where you got it. Having those memories come to mind where you wonder what would have happened had you said something, not said something, wondering how things would have gone had you done anything differently.

When I think of life, I think of death. Of a newborns first scream, cry, sight, things heard, first thing touched. Growing up, creating memories, thoughts, words, things. Making something new of themselves. For death- someones life and memories swirling through their eyes, giving out their last breath, their last thought, what they could be feeling at that moment. What they last see. What they wonder about, in those last moments. "What could I have changed to not have this happen?" "Are the kids okay?" "Why didn't the dog bark?" Whatever name or word last pops into their head, as they slowly give away to darkness, and nothingness.

The End

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