Heroes break promises too

But isn't that what we told them? The kids? We told them heroes wouldn't break promises, we told them they couldn't. What if their hero was their father? Mother? Someone in their family or close to them? We told them, we swore on it, "you can trust them." And we watched tears fill their eyes the day they realized we lied. Heroes break promises too.

We promised our kids the wrong thing. Now maybe, maybe we won’t be the ones to hurt them, but what will we do when someone else does?

They don’t know what the real world is like, or what it will be like.

They aren’t prepared for it. School doesn’t prepare them for it, they leave it up to us! We have to be the heroes for as long as our kids need it, we have to stand tall and strong, and we have to catch them when they fall. Because if we don’t, the wrong person will catch them.

The End

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