First chapter, "The broken headphones"

My headphones has broken

Me: My...Headphones...

Jane: Whats wrong with you?

Me: My headphones...

My expensive headphones broke because my friend at school was angry but I didn't know. I purposely slid my book bag next to him to hit his side where he was sitting. Out of anger he slammed my book bag on the ground. I didn't realize my headphones broke from that until I got my things, including my headphones, to get myself ready for my classes. This has also happened to me in real life... this has broke me... more than my destroyed headphones so... why not write about it?

Jane: "picks it up" What are these? For studio beats? Their huge.

Me: "walks off" I'm just gonna... go. "closes the door behind me"

(My headphones... I can't get any love around here. So I can't get any comfort... "walks out the front door" Music... The only thing that keeps me calm... I don't know if I should punch a hole in a tree or cry in a corner of a dark room... Music is the only comfort I have sadly... I always anger people without even trying. "sits down leaning against a tree" ... I can't sleep without comfort... My life... Has no comfort... I will remain cold and if I not say a word... They will never notice me.)

Jeff: "he appears next to where I'm sitting" What the hell? Whats your problem?

Me: Everything...My... Headphones.

Jeff: Headphones!?

Me: "tears fall down my eyes as I make no face expression"

He digs in his pocket and takes out his MP3 player with his earphones attached on it.

Jeff: Here. Take this for now. "plugs the earphones in my ear" Where, are, your, headphones?

Me: ...In the house... In Jane's room.

Jeff: C'mon. "takes out his hand"

Me: "takes his hand lifting me up"

Jeff: "walks off dragging me along"

Me: You have sadness and sorrow?

Jeff: Huh? From Naruto? You want the original?

Me: Do you have it played by Taylor Davis?

Jeff: "plays the music"

Me: A thousand thanks...


Me:... Why are you being so nice to me?

Jeff: Music does many things. People in this world has made me insane. I have no reason for the things I do... Take caution of this world... It will change you as it did to me.

Me: ...

We walk in the house and enters Jane's room.

Jeff: Where she go?

Me: My headphones are... gone.

Jeff: ... "takes the left earphone and places it in his ear changing the music to something hyper" Lets find her.

Me: Indeed.

We vanish


Jane: "walks out of a store wearing a black hood and a mask covering her face" Are these headphones not in stores anymore? I can't find these anywhere.

A stranger walks by wearing a hoodie and the exact same headphones on his head.

Jane: Hey! How mush would you take for those headphones!?

Male: ...Not for sale. "keeps walking"

Jane: "takes out her knife" Do it or I'll kill yiou.

Male: "stops walking" ... "keeps walking"

She rushes up towards him ready to stab him repeatedly but he pushes her arm out the way and knees her in the stomach causing her to cough in pain and drop on her knees.

Male: ...Not. For. Sale. "walks off"

Jane: You bastard!

Male: Sais the one who tried to kill me.

He takes off his hood appearing to be Rake but somehow in a human state

Jane: Rake?

Rake: ...

The End

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