Mirror ME!

I Somtimes Mutter to myself. . .

Why cant there be TWO of me? Or Three! or. . .

''Chris Sire! If you fire one more paper-aeroplane into James's face, ITS A C3!''

Yeah, I get the picture Lady.

That was my teacher, Miss Lily. Shes nice to the girls, but nasty to the boys. I hate her.

But where are my Maners?

Im Chris. Chris Johno Sire. I am 14, English and I wish I was Cloned into a massive army of mes. For instance, take this example: I was in football at breaktime. Eyes on the ball, I ran in and they pass. When they pass, there is no-one marking the pass so there is no defender exept me and they score

And we LOSE. AGAIN. Everyone else was at the their goal. Argueing over Ball greediness and im sick to death of it. Until I saw the Next Moring Paper:


a scientist in Middlesboro has found the key to cloning and is starting with a volenteer. . .

im listening

There has been no volenteers yet because of alegations that they were actually sacrificed and slaughtered with Vegtables. . .


I decided I would Volenteer and get a clone, but first I need to ask my mother. . .advice please?

The End

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