Attack yourself

Hoping to catch yourself by surprise, you lunge for your neck and begin to squeeze. However, you did this as well, and you both break the embrace and leap off the bed. You circle yourself and you circle you in return, looking for weaknesses.

"Why are you doing this?" You ask yourself at the same time that yourself asks you... and you have no answer.

You attack yourselves simultaneously and bump heads. You throw one another on the ground and begin to wrestle. You roll about in your underwear, feeling rather strange and finding yourself to be an even match. Go figure.

"Let's stop fighting!" You both say.

You get up and brush yourselves off. You are both equally bruised.

"So, why did I do that?" You both wonder aloud. You laugh.

"I suppose you can never trust anyone in this world, not even yourself." You say. You agree.

You stare at yourself for a while and yourself stares at you.

"Now what do we do?" You ask.

"Hmmm..." you say.

The End

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