Mirror Image

The main Girls name is Sally
She is half a vampire
Her eyes are bright green and glow (All vampires eyes glow)
She goes to a school for people with abilitys
Her soul mate has the same colour eyes
Someone is trying to kill her
She has never met her mum but meets her mum at the school


I had a choice. I could kill him, or I could let him kill me. I had the strength, I had the reason and I even had the passion to kill him. But I couldn’t bring myself to think of the choice. Really there wasn’t one. There was no way you could choose between those, so I would let him choose. I would let him make the decision I could not. It was on his shoulders and I could live with his choice, or even die with it if that was the case.
I lifted my head and looked into his eyes.
“I love you.” I whispered
And than I let him make the decision.

The End

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