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The Queen turned. Ulrich lunged, plunging the knife deep into the Queen’s stomach. Her eyes widened in terror and rage as Ulrich twisted the blade, driving it even deeper. Blood seeped from the Queen’s perfect lips as she sank to the floor. Ulrich backed away, knocking over a chair and sending the raven fleeing out the window. Ulrich ran down the stairs, through the courtyard and into the throne room. He collapsed to his knees in relief when he witnessed Eirwyn smiling weakly at the Prince’s side.

“Ulrich,” she said, weak with the effort
“Princess, a miracle!” Ulrich said.

“No, you saved me. When you killed the Queen, you ended her curse.” Eirwyn reached for Ulrich, pulling him into an embrace. 

Moira’s dreams faded and her eyes slowly opened. She glanced around at the stone walls in confusion. Moira opened her mouth to call for help but her voice was barely more than a whisper. She collapsed against the stone in exhaustion, struggling to keep her eyes open. She drifted and dreamt of mirrors, blood, and a forest of glass. 

“Moira,” came a distant voice on the wind. Moira turned from it, preferring to drift away.

“Moira,” it called again. This time hard arms grasped her, pulling her away from her magic forest.

“Moira!” Moira’s eyes opened. Brilliant blue eyes full of relief stared back at her green ones and she smiled sleepily. Her Ulrich had finally returned. 


The End

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