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The Prince yelled to his squire, “Saddle the horses, we take the princess back to the palace.” He gently cradled Eirwyn in his arms and carried her to his horse. Ulrich rode with the Prince and his company through the forest and into the castle walls.

“Take the Princess to the throne room and wait for me there.” Ulrich instructed.

“Where are you going?” said the Prince.

“To take care of the Queen!” Ulrich yelled over his shoulder as he sprinted towards the Queen’s tower. 

Ulrich bounded up the steps, taking them three at a time and burst through the Queen’s door. He found her abed; her raven perched on her headboard.

Ulrich bowed low, “You Highness,” he said, breathless.

“Ulrich,” she smirked, “I hear you brought me my Prince.”

“Yes, my Queen, he awaits you in the throne room.” Ulrich reached behind his back grasped the hilt of Moira’s bone knife. 

“Very good. Leave me.” She said, turning her back to the huntsman.

“Your Highness?” He slowly approached her. 

“Yes?” She gazed at her reflection in a hand mirror.

“Where is the mirror? The one with the colored glass.”

The Queen laughed, a cold a hollow sound, “Broken, little more than dust now.”

The End

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