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Moira felt the fear of the councilors. They knew what horrors awaited them if they betrayed their queen.

“Each councilor fears your power. They will not betray you.” Moira answered truthfully. The Queen smiled the most genuine smile Moira had seen grace her features in years.

“Well, it is a day for good news.” Millicent picked up a small golden hand mirror and admired her flawless features. Millicent keep herself beautiful with potions and creams. Moira could even see a few thin threads of magic that she suspected hide wrinkles. 

“Tell me Moira, am I not the fairest woman in all the land?” said the Queen. Moira fought the bond, but try as she might to keep it hidden, the truth passed her lips. 

“Your beauty is renowned far and wide but a girl exists that outshines you. Her hair is of ebony, her lips like blood, and her skin as white as snow. She is fairest in all the land.”

The Queens eyes flashed towards Moira, her jaw clenched and she gripped the sides of the mirror with both hands.

“Name her!” she screamed.


The Queen shrieked, ripping the mirror from the wall and throwing it to the floor, shattering the glass. Moira cried out as tiny fissures spread across her mirror. She laid her palms against the glass in a desperate attempt to warn the goblins and Ulrich of the Queen’s rage. Only the fog appeared, swirling uselessly inside of the glass. Moira cried out in fear and anguish. The mirror was her only connection to the outside world, without it Moira was trapped in the glass forest and those who needed her sight would fight the Queen blindly. 

The End

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