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“A young man comes for the princess.” Moira whispered.

“I have seen him. He rides towards her as we speak. Each moment brings him closer.” The goblin said 

“Good,” Moira breathed as fog spread across the glass.

That night Moira followed Ulrich in her dreams. She watched as he presented the Queen with the heart of a pig, false proof of the Princess’ death. The Queen smiled and laughed, grasping the bloody organ in her hand and pulling Ulrich to her for a deep kiss. Moira was pulled from her sleep by the Queen’s summons.

“Good Morning, sister. You and your husband have pleased me.” The Queen said, barely able to contain her glee.

“Yes, your Highness.” 

“I’ve sent Ulrich to track a party of foreign men coming to threaten my right to rule.” said the Queen 

“Foreign men?”

“Yes, from the east. The Vardinons, along with their bannermen.” said the Queen.

“Their sigil…”

“A rose on a field of white, but that isn’t important. I have more pressing matters I wish to speak of.” The Queen stood in her dressing gown, absentmindedly brushing out her long blond hair.

“Of course.” said Moira.

“I wish to know whether or not I can trust the members of my small council. They are soft old men, each of them. I begin to doubt their love for me.” said the Queen.

The End

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