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Ulrich turned to him, “Help her then! What can be done to free her?”

“Millicent must die, else I am trapped forever and Eirwyn is never safe,” Moira said.

Eirwyn raised her head, blue eyes wide and filled with tears.“There must be another way.” she whispered.

Moira smiled sadly at her beautiful young niece, “My love, you must stay with the goblin and his kin. They will protect you while Ulrich and I deal with my sister. I dreamt of your mother’s end long ago and, until the death of your father, I strove to prevent it. My sister must die. Her tyranny must end.” Moira turned to the goblin.

“Bind Ulrich’s wrist with an illusion. Make the Queen believe that he still belongs to her.” The goblin nodded.

“Ulrich,” Moira continued, “You must take the Queen proof that the deed is done. I’ve dreamt of a prince astride a black horse, wearing a red rose. You must take him and Eirwyn back to the castle when you meet him.”

Ulrich shook his head in confusion, sandy blond hair falling across his blue eyes, “I don’t understand.”

“The time will come when all of our paths will be clear. I’ve seen her end but I cannot know how she meets it. All I can be sure of is that the future must be just as I have seen it.” Moira explained in a poor attempt to convince Ulrich and the goblin to trust in her sight. After a moment of thought Ulrich nodded his assent and took a seat by the fire. 

Moira and the goblin urged Ulrich to return to the queen with proof of Eirwyn’s death, afraid that his long absence would raise the queen’s suspicions. Ulrich finally took his leave and Eirwyn and the other goblins retired for the night. Moira sat alone with the goblin that was quickly becoming her ally. 

The End

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