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“This is old magic. Only the forest folk still imbed spells in objects. If I had to hazard a guess, I would assume this mirror is Goblin craft.” 

“Clever, clever girl,” the Queen paused to drink, “Yes, I have servants among the creatures of the forest. One of them was kind enough to bring me this extraordinary gift.” 

“Why did you imprison me here, Millicent?” Moira said. One hand still on the glass, the other formed a fist at her side, digging into her palm.

“I already told you. Within the mirror I can trust you to be my eyes and ears.” The Queen stood and placed her hand on the glass, atop Moira’s own. 

“I know about your dreams. You inherited them from our mother. I did not. You see things that have not yet come to pass. I need you to look ahead for me, to tell me what decisions to make in order to keep my throne secure. You are bound to me, magic to magic and blood to blood. You will see what I command you to see.” The Queen said.

Moira laughed at the absurdity of her request.“I have dreams that come unbidden in fragments that are rarely useful, I cannot actively seek answers.”

“That is why you are in the mirror. The old magic woven through this glass is more powerful than any magic I have seen. It is a catalyst for your magic. It will strengthen it and focus it." The Queen said with a smile. She turned, scarlet robes dragging the floor behind her, and paced the room.

The End

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