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Moira slowly walked to the nearest tree, staring in awe at the impossible sight that met her eyes. The trees surrounding her were made of the same crystal as the ground. Most of them were colored a pale cream, lined with veins of green and brown. The leaves were magnificent, a rainbow of pale, translucent glass that greeted her with her own reflection. Moira strolled through her glass forest, studying the trees and the silver threads of magic around her. The threads filled the air, like thousands of fragile spider webs, flashing as the light caressed them. Moira crossed a stream where she knelt to drink from the ice cold water. She gasped as a tiny yellow fish swam by, tail and fins reflecting light like the citrine ring her mother had once given her as a name day present.

Moira crossed the stream and found herself in a clearing. In the center of the crystal glade stood an enormous tree. As she neared the tree she realized a mirror, just like the one in the dungeon, stood in the center of the truck. She cautiously approached, her reflection shining back at her, and placed her palm against the glass. Her image disappeared, replaced with swirling fog that soon faded, revealing the interior of the Queen’s chambers. 

The Queen sat in an ornate throne, a raven perched on the arm of the chair. Ulrich stood against the wall, frowning at his wife’s image. The Queen smiled wickedly and fed her raven a small strip of bloody meat. 

“How do you like your new home?” said the Queen, licking blood from her fingertips.

“Where did you find this mirror, Millicent?”

“I am sure you have your theories, you always do.” The Queen snapped her fingers and Ulrich placed a crystal goblet of dark red wine in her hand.

The End

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