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“We will be bound once more, as in the womb, your magic to mine.” The Queen forcefully kissed her sister, biting her lip until blood welled and mingled with the Queen’s own. The Queen pulled away, licking the blood from her lips. 

“Now to find you a new home, twin.” The Queen wove a length of black magic in the air, connecting it to the black mass around Moira’s wrist. Again the Queen’s spell seemed to take on a life of its own, spinning in the air, reaching towards the mirror that rested against the wall. 

Moira’s heart raced in her chest as she witnessed the magic of the mirror come to life. The black threads multiplied, twisting and spinning around Moira, drawing her towards the glass. The dim cell grew foggy around her. Ulrich and the guards faded away. The Queen remained, watching her and cackling as blood ran down her chin and pooled in the cleft between her breasts. 

Moira looked back and screamed in fright when she saw her body lying on the bloodstained stone, still as death. She was pulled against the glass. Her hands pushed the surface and sank through to the other side. Moira’s arms entered the mirror as she fought to free herself from the threads of the queen’s spell. Moira turned, tears streaming down her face and met the awe struck gaze of her sister one last time before the mirror closed around her.

The End

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