Chapter Three ~ "That hurt"Mature

The bar was loud, louder than normal. Though considering it was the last Friday of the holidays, Darin decided it was only to be expected. The room filled with cheers, and shouts. Men argued, and bar tenders chatted with their customers. Darin grinned as a woman made her way towards him, her hips swaying provocatively, and her red, skin-tight dress leaving next to nothing to the imagination.

“Hello handsome, you looking for any company?” The woman spoke with hopefulness in her voice and Darin got the impression she was not doing the work she was, because she wanted to, not that he cared, in his opinion, sex was sex. Who cares why the other party joined in?

“Yes ma’am, I am indeed.” The woman gave Darin a hesitant, yet confident grin as she trailed her fingers over his chest in a provocative manner.

“Well then, are you prepared to pay for that company?” Darin reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills. He was completely loyal to his Father, and so was paid heavily for his help.

“I can pay, but can you keep up?” The boy –for that is what he was- stood up quickly, surprising the woman. “How old are you?” The prostitute stuttered her answer, not expecting the question, and probably never having been asked it before.

“I’m, uh, I’m twenty-six.” She followed after Darin, her seductive act dropped as she realised he was no longer paying attention to her. She figured he was only after a quick-fix, and had only jumped at the first opportunity to get just that.


Father will be pleased, was the main thought running through Darins head, She’s a good age, she’s brunette, and mighty pretty. Father will be happy to add her to his collection. The young woman noticed how the boy wasn’t heading for the beds the pub provided,

“Where are you taking me?” She asked, about to put her foot down, when the boy turned on her, a gun in his hand and an evil grin on his face. The womans face turned white at the sight of the weapon, and she opened her mouth to scream but it was covered quickly with Darins. The kiss was short, but the pressure the boy had used caused a light throbbing in her lips. Not he good kind either.

“That hurt.” She whispered, fear lighting her eyes and giving the boy a sense of power,

“You are coming with me. If you struggle, I will shoot you. If you try to call for help, I will shoot you. If you pull any funny tricks, I will shoot you.” The woman nodded quickly, getting the message. One foot out of place, and she was as good as gone. Darin wrapped his hand around her arm, silently cursing how weak his grip was compared to his Fathers. He knew if the slut tried to run, he would be unable to stop her, hence the gun threats. Fear should keep her in her place.


It didn’t take long for the two to reach Darins home. Darin had given the woman a cloak, to cover herself with so they wouldn’t attract as much attention. She looked up at the house, and calmed down slightly. She would be fine, there were plenty of exits. But her hope vanished as she was pushed inside. The inside of the house was near bare; it was obvious no one lived here. Darin pushed the woman forward, roughly now that there was no one around to notice.

“Don’t move.” The boy pulled back the rug in the hallway, revealing a trapdoor in the floor. The womans breath caught in her throat. Please, somebody help me. Were her last thoughts before she was taken down into the empty black void.


The woman followed the boy obediently, her eyes adjusting to the darkness, before she was almost blinded as a door was opened, light flooding over the two. They entered what appeared to be an underground maze, corridors splitting of in every direction from the circular room the Woman found herself in. She could hear voices, female voices, and was intrigued when the boy led her towards them.

“Fine, I’ll see what I can do.” The voice sounded tired, youthful, but at the same time older than anyone the woman had heard.

““Thank you Darla! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!” The younger girls voice was filled with joy, and the woman wondered momentarily who could feel joy in a place like this? She could see one of the girls now, she looked to be a teen, perhaps seventeen or eighteen, and her eyes were lit and a wide grin covered her lips. She had her arms out as she stepped forward to hug somebody the woman couldn’t see.


“Well, if it isn’t my dear sister, sucking up to the slave. What? Is your bastard girlfriend suddenly too good for you, you have to go for the slaves?” The woman watched as the girl spun around at the sound of the boys voice, her eyes widening with shock, before narrowing. Her face showed hate, and anger.

“Darin.” Was all she said, crossing her arms and looking around him, her eyes resting curiously, and sadly, on the woman. “Who’s this?” The woman swore she heard trepidation in the girls voice.

“If you must know, she is going to be my new pet.” The woman shivered at this, and wondered suddenly why she wasn’t more afraid. Sure she felt she had no reason to live, but that shouldn’t explain her lack of fear in a potentially life threatening situation.

“Pet? Don’t you have enough? Why put any more women through that pain? What if it were you in that situation?” The woman looked at the girl with wide eyes, if she knew of her brothers pets, why did she not do anything about it?

“Because, I am growing bored of them, and most have died already anyway. I’m almost thinking I’d lower to raping the servants, but, they’re too dirty for my taste.” Mirians fists tightened, and the woman saw Darla come out of the room the group were standing in front of.

“Master Darin, I trust you need your clothes washed?” the woman realised then what kind of place she was in. Servants tending to their ‘Masters’ needs, women being kept as pets. She wasn’t sure what place the girl before her had in the residence, she obviously wasn’t a pet, nor was she a servant. She recalled Darin calling the girl ‘sis’. Surely she wasn’t a part of making the place what it was.


“Yes. But I swear I will kill you if I find any of my clothes have shrunk again.” Darla winced at the tone in Darins voice, before nodding meekly and scurrying hurriedly away. “Hey! Aren’t you going to ask if my scum of a family needs washing done?” Mirian glared at her brother, but turned and shook her head at Darla, letting her know there was no washing from her to be done.

“You are too soft on them Mirian, they need to learn who’s boss.” Darin glared at his sister, “And their boss needs to stop getting with the wrong people.” His voice carried meaning, and Mirian knew what he was referring to, the woman, however, was intrigued.

“You touch a hair on Stephanies head and I swea-”

“Don’t worry, I won’t touch a hair on her head, anywhere else however . . .” Darin let that hang in the air a moment, amusing himself by watching Mirians face contort to one of pure rage. “I know, you look after the slut for me, while I go make room for her.” The woman was pushed towards Mirian, none too kindly, and Darin walked off.


“I’m sorry about my brother.” The woman looked at the girl she was forced to stay with.

“Sorry?” You couldn’t blame her for being confused, she had just been kidnapped, had her life threatened, been referred to as a pet. And now a young girl, younger than herself, was babysitting her. Apologizing for her brothers behaviour.

“The way my brother treated you. He’s an ass at the best of times but lately.” The sharp intake of breath proved to the woman that the boy had been bad. She wasn’t sure whether or not to be relieved that he was worse than normal right now.

“Who are you people?” Mirian looked at the woman, the sadness in her eyes catching her off-guard.

“Drug dealers, assassins, rapists. I could go on.” The woman looked down,

“Which one are you?” She asked quietly, not sure she wanted to know. Mirian grinned, not a happy grin, but one filled with guilt, and hatred.

“My Father trained me to assassinate those who go against him.” The woman looked up at her, “What is your name?” she blinked, surprised by the question,

“My name is Bianca.” Mirian nodded,

“I am Mirian, the servant you saw earlier? That was Darla, if I’m right, then you will be seeing a lot more of her.” Bianca dreaded to know what Mirian meant by ‘if I’m right’ but she had to find out.

“What do you mean?” Mirian looked at her quizzingly, “You said, ‘If I’m right’ what did you mean?”

“You look like the kind of person to survive here.” Was all Mirian said, before falling silent. Bianca looked towards a door on the side of the long hallway. She’d heard a noise on the other side of it, and judging from the sudden look of fear on Mirians face, she wasn’t the only one.


“Look, I’ll do what I can, but for now, you have to let me have another go at her. She’s a good girl that one.” The sharp intake of breath beside the woman had her on full alert as she saw Mirian watch the man come out of the door with more fear on her face than she’d seen on even the newest of girls to prostitution.

“What if I don’t want to?” Another man exited the room, his face cruel, his eyes cold and hard. Though his features holding a likeness to the girl beside Bianca. Mirians Father.

“Father.” Mirian interrupted the ‘pleasant’ conversation the men were having, and drew their attention to her,

“Daughter.” Mirians Father held no compassion in his voice at all, no sense of fondness for his daughter. Just an unnatural hate for his own flesh and blood.

“My brother brought in a new pet for the collection,” she glanced at Bianca a moment before continuing, “Since the usual room is full, where would you like me to take her?” Bianca felt fear suddenly, as the girl she’d begun to believe trustworthy, basically handed her to the devil himself. The man simply looked at the woman sceptically,

“Darin chose this one? Where did he find her?” Mirian simply shrugged, as if she cared not.

“I don’t know. Why the hell would I want to know? You’re already aware of my opinion on matters such as these.” The breath caught in Biancas throat as the scary man strode up and slapped Mirians cheek,

“You will not speak to me in such a manner.” Mirian only lifted her head high and glared at her Father.

“Of course not Father. I would not dare disrespect you so.” The man only sneered before turning to the man behind him,

“You know Runol, I change my mind about your proposal. The bitch has had her word, and I suggest you take advantage of that.” Runol grinned, and Mirians blood ran cold. She wouldn’t allow him to touch her again. The only person allowed to touch her like that was Stephanie. Not this man. Especially, not this man.


“Father, you promised!” Mirians call was lost on the man as he disappeared into one of the many rooms along the corridor. She turned to Runol, who was grinning profusely,

“It’s good to have you all to myself Chika.” Bianca felt sick as she watched what she realised would quickly turn into rape as the greedy man ran his disgusting hands over the girls figure. It was obvious, from the shaking of her body, and the way her jaw muscles tensed under his touch, that she did not want this.

“Fuck you Rudolph.” The man if you could call him that Bianca thought, glared at the girl, and his hand swung out to slap the same cheek Mirians Father had assaulted earlier. Bianca was unsure how the girl kept the pain from registering on her face.

“You will mind what you say to me girl, I have little patience for your attitude today.” Runol all but growled at the girl, his hands wrapped around her arms, and his nails digging painfully into her skin.

“At least allow me to take the new slave to her quarters first. I’d prefer she did not see, and I’m sure you would too.” Bianca was taken aback, she was surprised that, though the girl was facing rape, obviously not for the first time, Mirian was still thinking of the woman who had been brought here by way of guns and threats. The man grumbled, before releasing his hold on the girl,

“Fine.” He muttered, though pulled out his gun and held it to Mirians head, “But if you try any funny tricks miss.” He let his meaning sink in.

“So shoot me. See if I care, I’m sure no one else would.” Mirian had not expected the reaction she received, Runol grinned, a chuckle exiting him low and menacing.

“No? What about that girlfriend of yours, I’m sure she’d miss you. Although, not once she meets me, I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun together.” He tightened his grip on the gun, and din’t notice the look of pure rage on Mirians face.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” Mirian spun around, knocking the gun out of the way and threw her fist into Runols face. The punch leaving his nose bloody as he stumbled back, he hit the wall before looking up. Anger on his face clear as day.

“You’ll pay for that bitch. You broke my fucking nose!” Bianca screamed as a gunshot filled the air, and Mirian fell to the floor, bleeding heavily. Runol grunted, and grabbed Biancas arm, “Come with me, Farlin would kill me if I let his new pet get out of work.”


Bianca stumbled as she was dragged towards a door, one of the many in that hallway. Runol shoved her through it, and she fell to the ground. The tears ran down her face as panic set in, her mind finally catching up with what was going on.

”Oh God, oh God, oh God.” She sobbed, and shrieked when she felt a hand on her shoulder, it was that woman from earlier, Darla.

“shh, shh it is okay, I am not going to hurt you.”

The End

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